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In 2004, the Government of Pakistan chooses to survey strange cases relating to Indian detainees as a generosity signal. Saamiya Siddiqui, a sprouting Pakistani attorney, is given detainee 786's guard as her first case. The detainee has not addressed anybody for a very long time. In the wake of tending to him by his name, Veer Pratap Singh, Veer opens up to Saamiya and portrays his story. 

Zaara Haayat Khan is an energetic Pakistani lady whose family is of the political foundation and elevated status in Lahore. Zaara's Sikh tutor (whom she addresses as her grandma) Bebe requests that Zaara disperse her remains in the Sutlej stream among her precursors as her last desire. While making a trip to India, Zaara's transport meets with a mishap. Veer, an Indian Air Force pilot, safeguards her, and she finishes Bebe's last customs. Veer persuades Zaara to get back with him to his town to go through a day together by virtue of Lohri. Zaara meets Veer's uncle Choudhary Sumer and his auntie Saraswati. Veer understands that he is going gaga for Zaara. 

The following day, Veer takes Zaara to the train station for her train back to Lahore, wanting to admit. Be that as it may, he winds up gathering Zaara's life partner Raza Sharazi. Before she leaves, he admits his affection to her, tolerating that they can't be together. Zaara sheets peacefully and says farewell to him; both accept they won't ever meet again. 

Veer-Zaara (2004) Full Movie Online Download

Back home in Pakistan, Zaara acknowledges she also is enamored with Veer yet that she should keep her family's respect and wed Raza, a wedding that will facilitate the political profession of her dad Jehangir. Seeing Zaara separating, her house keeper and companion Shabbo calls Veer, requesting that he remove Zaara before her wedding. Veer stops the Indian Air Force and goes to Pakistan. At the point when he shows up, Zaara runs into his arms in tears, making her dad fall wiped out in shock. Mariyam asks Veer to leave Zaara on the grounds that Jehangir's high-profile notoriety and wellbeing will be demolished if news gets out that Zaara is enamored with an Indian. Veer regards this solicitation and chooses to leave yet Raza, offended by the disgrace Zaara has brought upon him, has him wrongly detained on charges of being an Indian government operative. In the mean time, the transport Veer should be on returning to India tumbles off a precipice, killing every one of the travelers. At the point when Veer hears this in prison, he accepts the ornament Zaara's mom gave him is the thing that ensured his life. 

Veer demands Saamiya also either Zaara or her family while battling the case, trusting Zaara is cheerfully hitched at this point and he will just destroy her life. Because of this, Saamiya chooses to cross the line and discover somebody in Veer's town who can demonstrate his actual personality. In Veer's town, she is stunned to meet Zaara and Shabbo all things considered. Zaara had imagined that Veer passed on in the transport mishap 22 years prior. After information on his passing, she severed the marriage with Raza, and her dad concurred, getting them separated from himself. A while later, Zaara and Shabbo left Pakistan and got comfortable Veer's town in India, with the goal that Zaara could keep Veer's fantasy about running a young lady's school alive. Saamiya returns Zaara to Pakistan, and she imparts a passionate get-together to Veer. Her assertion and proof demonstrate Veer's blamelessness and the adjudicator liberates him, saying 'sorry' in the interest of Pakistan. Veer and Zaara, at last rejoined, get hitched, bid farewell to Saamiya at the Wagah line intersection, and get back to their town, living cheerfully ever after.

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