Venky Mama full movie download in Hindi HD 720p

Venky Mama full movie download in Hindi HD 720p

Venky Mama 2019 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Summaries:

The film starts at Draksharama where a notable character Ramanarayana, a soothsayer, lives with his better half Lakshmi and child Venkatarathnam. Ramanarayana goes against his little girl's marriage, as he anticipated the couple's passing, before long, an extended period of their child Karthik's introduction to the world. Actually like Ramanarayana anticipated, Karthik loses his folks in an unfortunate mishap. Here, Ramanarayana cautions that the child likewise carries bummer to his family and recommends to hand him over to his fatherly grandparents. Be that as it may, Venkatarathnam/Venky Mama denies it and backs his baby nephew with care and friendship, in any event, excluding his objective of enlistment in the military. 

A long time roll by, and presently the scene movements to Kashmir where Venkatarathnam is under the inquiry of Karthik, who ventured out from home without illuminating. Quickly, Venkatarathnam ventures into armed force secured region and get arraigned when he attempts to persuade the military officials in regards to Karthik. Nonetheless, they insist the shortfall of such an individual in their regiment, however Venkatarathnam endures to meet him. In this way, he begins portraying their story. After culmination of designing, Karthik abhors different positions since he likes to remain behind his uncle. All things considered, his granddad consistently needles. Afterward, Karthik understands that Venkatarathnam has neglected his conjugal life for his support, so he decides to get an ideal counterpart for him. Similarly as, he is familiar with recently designated Hindi educator Vennela and endeavors to foster closeness with her, which she misconstrues. Plus, Karthik's ex-sweetheart Harika, little girl of noxious MLA Pasupathi shows up at the town. Immediately, Venkatarathnam learns their relationship and pursues Harika to look for the purpose for their separation which as well, fizzles. At this moment, Karthik prevails to make Vennela succumb to his uncle. Parallelly, Venkatarathnam likewise knows from Harika about their separation is of Karthik's prioritization to his uncle than her and his life. Being insightful of it, Venkatarathnam chooses to unravel with Karthik and send him to London. By then, Karthik declares that no one can separate him from his uncle, including him. Catching their discussion, Harika apologizes and comprehends Karthik's uprightness. 

Subsequently, Venkatarathnam approaches Pasupathi with the proposition to be engaged. At that point, Pasupathi offers to help Venkatarathnam in the forthcoming political decision since his promise is a law to the general population nearby. At any rate, the arrangement retreats when Venkatarathnam extras and lownesses him. At the same time, an incensed Pasupathi ploy to kill out Karthik when Venkatarathnam safeguards him. During the span, as an astound, Ramanarayana declares that as indicated by Karthik's horoscope, he is destined to kill his maternal uncle and the lone review is to parted them. Paying attention to it, Venkatarathnam and Karthik will not acknowledge it. In any case, tragically, the word occurs for as a few episodes which cause Karthik to acknowledge and goes out for the assurance of his uncle. Following three years, Ramanarayana reports the reality of Karthik's essence in the military to satisfy his uncle's desire. Quickly the story movements to the current when Venkatarathnam finds out that Karthik is seized as a prisoner by the psychological militant to stalemate for their chief who is now dead. During that predicament, Venkatarathnam decides to trade as the psychological militant up to date that it is a self destruction mission to him. When of hand-off, because of Karthik's horoscope, he fires Venkatarathnam oversight him as a rogue. Finally, Karthik saves his uncle from the deathbed with his veneration facing the horoscope. At last, the film closes on a cheerful note with uncle and nephew blending up with their adoration advantages with an adage that horoscope is only a conviction however love is a reality.

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Venky Mama full movie download in Hindi HD 720p

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