Vinci Da (2019) Bengali Full Movie Watch Online

Vinci Da (2019) Bengali Full Movie Watch Online

Vinci Da (2019) Bengali Full Movie Summaries: 

The story is described by Vinci da (Rudranil Ghosh) who took in the specialty of making prosthetics from his dad. The film begins with the then eighteen year old Adi Bose's (Riddhi Sen) father unsteadily beating his mom. He requests that his dad stop however he doesn't. Worn out on the ordinary disquietude, he beats him dead with his cricket bat. He hits the police and winds up in the refuge. In the interim, Vinci da's dad bites the dust and he thinks that its risky to make a living on the grounds that Tollywood doesn't see the value in his ability. His affection interest, Jaya, (Sohini Sarkar) is a person with speech issues. 

Adi Bose, presently a grown-up (Ritwick Chakraborty), has been delivered from jail. He trusts himself to be a 'chronic attorney,' by perpetrating the violations recently done by lawbreakers he obviously conveys equity. To complete his appalling plans in a more compelling manner, he moves toward Vinci da as a chief, and fools him into making the veil of finance manager, Shyam Sundar Jaiswal, (Bharat Kaul) who was cleared from court in a Rs. 2500 crore trick. Adi Bose wears his cover, proceeds to loot a bank, and kills a safety officer. Jaiswal is captured. Vinci da understands reality the following day when he sees the news. He is upset. The solitary thing that rings a bell is the blameless safety officer. He could hardly imagine how workmanship can be utilized for wrongdoing. Detecting his hesitance to make more prosthetic veils, Adi Bose extorts him with the recordings he had taken while Vinci da was making the main cover. 

Vinci da is extorted into making the cover of a legislator's child who was vindicated even in the wake of driving his vehicle on vagrants. Adi Bose drives a vehicle on individuals dozing on the trail wearing the veil, and edges the lawmaker's child. Vinci da is loaded up with melancholy and self-loathing subsequent to meeting the child of one of vagrants killed in the slaughter. He attempts to persuade Adi Bose that he isn't a piece of these wrongdoings however Adi Bose suspects something. 

In the last and third occurrence, Vinci da makes the cover of an attacker. Adi Bose wears the cover, captures a young lady from the street, assaults her, films the entire episode, and deliveries the clasp to the media. The attacker, already absolved, is captured and detained. Misfortune strikes when Vinci da tracks down that the young lady assaulted is as a matter of fact Jaya. He is upset. Jaya endeavors self destruction yet is saved by Vinci da. Arranging retribution, he meets Adi Bose at his home and toxic substances him. Wearing a veil taking after Adi Bose, he shoots a video broadcasting that he is ending his own life. 

Be that as it may, assessor Bijoy Poddar (Anirban Bhattacharya) had met Adi Bose in the start of the film, and review the self destruction clasp could recognize the distinction in the voices of real Adi Bose and the one recorded in the self destruction cut. He finds the recordings recorded by Adi Bose of Vinci da at his home, and orders his capture. 
At this point, Vinci da and Jaya have escaped the city, camouflaged as an old couple.

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