Download Vivah 2006 Full Movie Bluray 720P

Download Vivah 2006 Full Movie Bluray 720P

Vivah 2006 Full Movie Summaries:

Poonam Mishra (Amrita Rao) is a working class young lady who lives in the humble community of Madhupur. After the demise of her folks, while exceptionally youthful, her uncle Krishnakant (Alok Nath) satisfied the void of a dad in her life. Notwithstanding, her auntie Rama (Seema Biswas) is desirous and incapable to acknowledge Poonam as her youngster, driven by the way that her girl Rajni (Amrita Prakash) is dim in appearance and less excellent than Poonam. Harishchandra (Anupam Kher), a prestigious financial specialist from New Delhi, has two children: Sunil (Samir Soni) who has hitched Bhavna (Lata Sabharwal), and Prem (Shahid Kapoor), who is a mild-mannered and accomplished individual. 

Poonam's basic and loving attitude intrigues Bhagatji (Manoj Joshi), a dear companion of Krishnakant and a diamond setter by calling. Bhagatji takes Poonam's proposition to be engaged for Prem. At the point when Harishchandra takes his perspective on the suggestion, Prem is at first reluctant and feels he is excessively youthful for marriage and requirements to zero in on his profession first. Harishchandra persuades Prem to meet Poonam prior to choosing about anything. Regarding his dad's desires, Prem consents to meet Poonam, become more acquainted with her better, and afterward choose. They visit Krishnakant's family and allowed Prem and Poonam to get to know one another. However their first discussion is off-kilter, Prem and Poonam consent to get hitched, as they are quickly drawn to one another. Prem and Poonam get ready for marriage and are set to be hitched in a half year. Krishnakant welcomes Prem's family to their late spring home in Som Sarovar, so Prem and Poonam get the chance to know one another better. 

Prem and Poonam go through the most supernatural and heartfelt time of their lives. Coming from various sensibilities, both need their relationship to be exceptionally ideal for one another. Both understand the significance of trustworthiness and trust they have given to one another and the singular right they have on one another consequently. They start to fall head over heels and become connected because of their particular kin's delicate pushing. Following a few days, Harishchandra and his family get back to go to a conference critically. Poonam and Prem impart in an older style sense because of Poonam's straightforward life by means of phone and letter and not cell phone. Prem joins the privately-owned company and takes on a fundamental venture in Japan. After returning, the family brings Poonam as an amazement, and a festival is held to pay tribute to Poonam's first visit and Prem's fruitful undertaking. 

Notwithstanding, two days before the genuine wedding, a fire breaks out at Krishnakant's home. Despite the fact that Poonam runs out of the house on schedule, she understands that Rajni is still inside and saves her. Poonam gets vigorously scorched simultaneously. The specialist educates her dad that in such cases, even families repudiate their own. Bhagatji, broken heartedly, calls Prem directly as he is leaving for Madhupur for the service. As he is going to sign the waiver permitting her medical procedure, he starts to cry and can't do as such. Prem, not really settled to wed Poonam notwithstanding her wounds and bringing the best specialists from Delhi. He weds her casually before her medical procedure. With the guide of the Delhi specialists, the medical clinic effectively does a medical procedure on Poonam. Afterward, Poonam and Prem are customarily hitched and return home to their new life. The film closes with Poonam and Prem's wedding night as heartfelt as Prem had portrayed before to Poonam's that it would be.

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