Wild Dog Telugu Full Movie Free Download 720P Full HD

Wild Dog Telugu Full Movie Free Download 720P Full HD

Wild Dog Telugu Full Movie Details:

On 13 February 2010 at John's Bakery in Pune, a bomb blast claims numerous blameless lives. After fourteen days, the Ministry of Home Affairs gives up the case to the National Investigation Agency and its top official Vijay Varma, otherwise called Wild Dog, is reenlisted by his senior companion DGP Hemanth. Through a progression of examinations, Vijay and his group run over the CCTV film of a man entering the bread shop with a pack and leaving without it. Further, with the assistance of a survivor's declaration, they can make a sketch of the guilty party. Then again, Hemanth discloses to Vijay around a fourteen day more seasoned episode including killings of two cops inside a truck at the Andhra–Tamil Nadu line, three days before which he had gotten a hint from the Intelligence Bureau around 50 kilograms of RDX being moved at the boundary. As the offender's sketch is coursed all over, a retailer rapidly perceives the suspect and discloses to the cops that he let the presume live in his home on the suggestion of a man named Mirza Baig. Vijay and his group figure out how to grab Baig and torment him into uncovering the offender's name: Khalid, who besieged the pastry kitchen, and his associate, Khatil who should explode the Dagdusheth Temple yet proved unable, given the tight security at the sanctuary because of a VIP's visit. 

Vijay orders a quest for Khalid, and sends his partner Ali Reza secret in jail where one of Khalid's partners, Mohammed Peerbuoy, who trains Ali to visit a library named Darul-ul-Islam in Darbhanga, Bihar under his proposal. Through additional researching, Vijay uncovers the offender to be Khalid Bhatkal, an individual from the Indian Mujahideen. Then again, Khalid targets Indian Premier League and enrolls Khatil for the work. Be that as it may, Khatil is seized by Vijay's group in Bihar while visiting his sickly child and gives them Indian Mujahideen's subtleties in return for his child's therapy. With his assistance, police capture a few suspects. Asadullah, the bookkeeper, enrolls Ali to meet with an exceptional individual at Mumbai, and learning of this, Vijay trusts him to be Khalid himself. In Mumbai, Khalid trains Ali through a call while watching him. Vijay likewise watches out for the developments and is going to grab Khalid as the last gets ready to meet Ali inside a taxi, yet the mission is thwarted by the Mumbai ATS who were following Ali because of a clue from the Bihar insight. Maddened, Vijay slaps one of the cops and is suspended from the mission. Be that as it may, he keeps working informally and through Arya, a source in Nepal, learns Khalid is stowing away there. He requests Hemanth's assistance, however the service turns them down. Vijay at long last escapes to Nepal alongside his group to execute the secret "Activity Wild Dog". 

At the meeting point, they are assaulted by furnished men, before Arya shows up and assists them with fending off the assailants. Hemanth is suspected for ruining their disguise, since he was the only one mindful of the mission. Laxman, a senior auditor at Nepal Intelligence, uncovers they were assaulted by the associates of a wear named Bomzan, who is trapped and uncovers he was requested to kill them by Abdullah, a MP working for the ISI. Vijay executes Bomzan prior to requesting him to deceive Abdullah about killing them. Vijay and his group neglect to catch Khalid at the wedding of Abdullah's child, however later succeed following a shootout with the Maoists guarding him. Laxman sells out them by uncovering to Abdullah about their departure in an emergency vehicle, however Vijay ad libs the course. Khalid stirs and assaults Vijay who overwhelms him as the emergency vehicle arrives at the line. Two of Vijay's partners camouflaged as Indian Embassy authorities demand the emergency vehicle's entrance for a "celebrity's activity". Vijay's defibrillation test including Khalid works and seeing his life at serious risk, the emergency vehicle is permitted to go through the lines. It is additionally uncovered Vijay subtly messaged Hemanth about a double crosser in the office and it was found to be Hemanth's companion Vinod, who was helping with the activity. Vijay gives up Khalid to Hemanth, and salutes the tricolor alongside his group.

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