World Famous Lover Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Download

World Famous Lover Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Download

World Famous Lover Full Movie Details:

The film starts with Gautham in a jail saying that he also has a story to tell. The film slices to Yamini and Gautham's story. They are in a live-in relationship. Gautham is seeking after his fantasy about turning into an author. Yamini deals with Gautham like a mother and is consistently strong of his choices. Be that as it may, she doesn't see him investing any energy for his fantasy and is tired of her normal life. She in the long run says a final farewell to Gautham. 

This makes Gauthum begin composing again and he composes a story that happens in Yellandu. The hero Srinu is an association chief in the coal mineshafts and is hitched to Suvarna reluctantly and several has a 5-year old child. The recently named official, Ms.Smitha draws near to Srinu, not realizing that he is hitched. Srinu doesn't reveal his conjugal status either and begins to stay away from his own better half Suvarna. Suvarna speculates that her better half is having an extra-conjugal illicit relationship however doesn't stand up to him. All things being equal, she chooses to seek after her vocation. She best her assessments and it is distributed in the nearby paper, making Smitha realize that Srinu is hitched, that too with a child. Srinu after hurrying home discovers Suvarna in an advanced dress. She discloses to him that she'll be anything he desires her to be, including wearing uncovering garments and make-up. This committed Srinu comprehend his error and return to cherishing his significant other. The story closes with a note from Gautham saying that Srinu forfeited everything to be with his better half. 

Presently, the story scales back to the current where Gautham reviews his past on how he initially experienced Yamini and how they fell head over heels. The following morning, he goes to meet Yamini in her office to disclose to her that he has begun composing once more, however Yamini requests that he leave. One more look from his past is shown when Gautham and Yamini used to work in a similar office. Yamini planned to get ended and Gautham planned to get an advancement to work in Paris. All things considered, he leaves the work mentioning the supervisor to hold Yamini's position. The film again scales back to the current where Gautham says that on the off chance that he hadn't left his work, he would have been in Paris at this moment. This motivates him to compose another story that happens in Paris. 

In Paris, Gautham is working in a radio broadcast, he cherishes Parachuting. He goes gaga for his neighbor Iza, a pilot. On Iza's birthday, she needed something noteworthy, so Gautham takes her for bicycle dashing which closes in an awful mishap where Iza loses her visual perception. Following a half year, she gets a viable eye giver and recovers her vision. It is uncovered that Gautham was the person who gave his eyes for Iza and he advises her to return to him in the event that she understood his affection. This story closes with a note saying that Gautham forfeited his vision for affection. 

The film slices to the current when Yamini stays with Gautham to welcome him to her wedding, which is in 3 days. A baffled Gautham hollers at Yamini and she goes out. Gautham later goes to Yamini's home to attempt to persuade her to no end. Coming back he gets into a battle with an irregular fellow and winds up in jail for slamming his head with a stone. Following 2 years Gautham is delivered and his companion distributes his book for the benefit of Gautham, named "The World Famous Lover". Gautham goes to the press meet of his book's prosperity occasion while people in general excitedly sits tight for the incomplete peak of the story. In front of an audience, he relates his story expressing that after getting back from prison Yamini sits tight for himself and the two of them live cheerfully ever after, while, in all actuality, nobody was sitting tight for him. He says that it is constantly been Yamini who compromised. And surprisingly in Srinu's story, it is Suvarna who consistently compromised and not her better half. In the Paris romantic tale, the penance made by Gautham came from the penance made by Yamini, all things considered. He finishes up the press meet by saying that he needs Yamini to be content any place she is. 

Afterward, Yamini's dad uncovers to Gautham that when Yamini came to realize that he had been captured, she canceled her wedding. He then, at that point passes on his girl to Gautham. Gautham requests absolution. She pardons him and inquires as to whether he knows the course to his home. He gestures, suggesting yes. The film closes with Gautham and Yamini reuniting.

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