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At Ram's (Dhanush) burial service, his significant other Janani (Shruti Haasan) daydreams about him fleeing, and the film streaks back to when Ram and Janani were tenth grade understudies, when Ram helps Janani fix her bike and tells his companions Senthil (Sunder Ramu) and Kumaran (Sivakarthikeyan) that he really likes her. He joins her educational cost She sees him and advise him to quit following. Later she begins loving him, gradually both understands their affection and admit one another. 

Back in the present, Janani has a sorrowful discussion with her mom about Ram. Sleeping, she encounters another flashback about when her family had a visa to go to the US. At the point when she educates Ram and discloses to him that she is leaving. Later she consumes her identification to remain with Ram. They get hitched without their folks. They are given a house by Ram's father. Smash reassures Janani's family They lived joyfully 

After Janani is awoken by her house cleaner, she attempts to chase for Ram's companion, Senthil, for knowing the secret behind Ram's demise. She enquires Senthil's folks she doesn't discover any hint. Later she discovers a self destruction letter from Ram in his jacket. She again demands Senthil's folks they help her meet Senthil and she requests that he uncover what they were stowing away from her. A troubled Senthil discloses to her that when she was leaving for the US, Kumaran found a new line of work in Singapore simultaneously. After discovering that two individuals he was near were leaving, Ram daydreams and nearly to suffocates in sea by the sea shore however is saved. Senthil doesn't presume anything bizarre and simply believes that this happened in light of the fact that Ram was smashed. Later on a day when Ram assumed a 2.2 crore misfortune, he kicks and kills Tom, their canine. This leads Senthil to counsel a specialist, and notification him being abnormal having outrageous feelings being gloom or outrage. Senthil enlightens a specialist regarding Ram's activities, the specialist uncovers it very well may be bipolar confusion, and if not treated, could prompt self destruction. At the point when Senthil attempts to caution him by welcoming night outs to him, Ram loses the control and assaults Senthil with a container, seat, and leaves the spot. Later Senthil discovers Ram oblivious out and about. 

They visit from the specialist affirms Ram has extreme bipolar problem, however Ram won't get conceded in light of his adoration for Janani. To avoid Janani, Ram then, at that point goes on a journey, bringing about additional agony. Janani sees and asks Ram for what good reason he is acting strange. Afterward, at a club, Ram punches an alcoholic who was attempting to get out of hand with Janani. Later he and Senthil are beat up by a posse of the lushes companions. At the point when the alcoholic attempts to kill him, Ram whips the group. That evening Ram and Senthil get back home with wounds. Janani becomes anxious seeing Ram harmed. After this occurrence Ram chooses not uncover about his condition to Janani. Smash invests energy in the clinic for shock treatment as his condition deteriorates. Janani becomes disappointed with Ram not revealing to her where he vanishes to. She lashes out at him and cries. Inevitably Ram, in a hyper state, attempts to kill Janani yet is halted by Senthil. This causes Ram to feel regretful. 

Smash demands his dad to move his organization offers to be moved to Janani, and needs Senthil to pass on him to see her. Senthil denies, and Ram unexpectedly slams his head against a directing wheel, delivering him oblivious. Slam sorrowfully bids farewell to Senthil and leaves the vehicle. In the present, Senthil and Janani are both crying plentifully. As Ram goes to Janani's room and watches her rest, he out of nowhere fantasizes seeing a young lady saying "Either kill her or you bite the dust." Terrified, he quickly moves from her bed. He goes to his office and composes a self destruction note while the mental trips proceed. Slam snatches a blade and battles to commit suicide. Janani in the present is moaning in distress as she learns her better half's destiny. The film closes with Ram cutting his throat saying his last words, "I love you, Janani".

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