Andhadhun Full Movie Download HD 720p Online Watch for Free

Andhadhun Full Movie Download HD 720p Online Watch for Free

Andhadhun Hindi Full Movie Summary:
Akash Sarraf is an extraordinary musician, who fakes being oblivious to use his profession. While going across the road, he is pushed over by Sophie. Sophie deals with Akash and soon they start a cozy close connection. Sophie is intrigued by Akash's ability and gets him a commitment at her dad's cafe. At the coffee shop, a resigned entertainer, Pramod Sinha, sees Akash and welcomes him to perform for his wedding commemoration. Akash shows up at Sinha's level and Pramod's better half Simi opens the entryway. Simi, persuaded that Akash is visually impaired, allows him to play the piano. Akash sees Pramod's dead body close by yet fakes obliviousness and keeps on playing; he additionally sees Manohar, Simi's lover, stowing away in the washroom. Simi and Manohar clean the body and stuff it into a bag while Akash keeps on playing. When the body is found at a lake by the police, Simi tells the press that her significant other had embarked to purchase a property and had conveyed one crore rupees with him in a bag. 

Akash attempts to report the homicide at the neighborhood police headquarters, where he finds that Manohar is a cop in control. In the interim, Simi is educated by Manohar that her old neighbor, Mrs. D'Sa, was conversing with a subordinate cop about the homicide, accepting that Simi is lying and covering current realities about her undertaking. Simi later kills Mrs. D'Sa by pushing her off the edge of their loft where Akash observes the homicide when he shows up at her condo to show her progression girl Pramod's number one piano piece as a recognition and is compelled to keep pretending visual impairment. Simi afterward appears at her home on the guise of offering him the prasad from her better half's memorial service function, Akash confesses to faking his visual deficiency as an examination to help him discover motivation and spotlight on his music when she pulls out a firearm on him, dubious that he has been faking his visual deficiency. He then, at that point consents to stay silent and move to London however falls oblivious, tranquilized from the prasad she gave him.. 

A neighbor's youngster, dubious of the verity of Akash's visual deficiency, records a video of Akash completely ready to see and shows Sophie. As Sophie shows up, she tracks down a half dressed Simi, who reveals to her that both of them began an undertaking after Pramod's demise. Irate and shattered, Sophie leaves Akash. At the point when he awakens, he understands he has been dazed by Simi, to secure her mysterious. After finding out about this, Manohar, fearful that Akash may release the story to the press which would prompt an embarrassment, chooses to kill Akash in his home and cause it to show up as though Akash ended it all. Akash scarcely escapes in the following fight, yet he swoons subsequent to hitting a utility pole. 

Akash awakens in an unlawful facility, where the specialist, Swami, and his aides Murli and Sakhu attempt to collect his organs, however choose to save him when Akash gives them one crore rupees as a trade off for his life. Bring forth together an arrangement, they seize Simi, stage her self destruction, and coercion Manohar about spilling data about Pramod's homicide to the press, requesting that he go to a neglected structure with the money close by. Notwithstanding, Murli and Sakhu betray Akash and tie him up with Simi, intending to take the cash for themselves. Manohar shoots Murli however gets caught in a lift and shoots and commits suicide in a condition of frenzy. The cash is uncovered to be fake. Simi assists Akash with untieing himself and he eliminates Simi's blindfold. While he attempts to get away, while Simi liberates herself and assaults him. At the point when Dr. Master enters, he is then assaulted by an infuriated Simi however is eventually saved by Akash who takes Simi out, Swami then, at that point ties her up in the boot of his vehicle, and drives away to the wide open in transit to a private plane to get together with a customer, uncovering that Simi has an uncommon blood classification and that her organs would sell for millions and plans to give him a piece of the money and utilize her corneas to reestablish Akash's sight as an indication of appreciation for saving his life. 

The film then, at that point container to Kraków, after two years, where Sophie tracks down a visually impaired Akash featuring a gig, feeling that Akash is as yet lying about his visual impairment, where Akash chooses to disclose to her his story over espresso, he then, at that point reveals to her that Simi woke up in the boot of the vehicle and began making commotion, provoking Dr. Master to stop the vehicle to quiet her, yet is stabbed by Simi, who then, at that point holds onto the wheel. A liable Akash, who thinks Dr. Master is as yet driving, attempts to convince him to deliver Simi and drop both of them off out and about, Simi, moved, chooses to drop Akash off prior to altering her perspective and attempting to run him over. All the while, a rancher takes shots at a rabbit brushing on his harvests, making the bunny hop and flee, just to hit the vehicle's windshield making Simi free control and crash, causing her demise. 

Prior to leaving, Sophie reveals to Akash he ought to have acknowledged Dr. Master's proposal to reestablish his sight just as a feature of the award cash as opposed to attempting to save her. After their goodbye, an evidently visually impaired Akash is seen strolling through the roads, where he utilizes his stick to thump a can out of his way.

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