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Befikre (2016) Full HD Hindi Movie Download or Watch

Befikre 2016 Full HD Hindi Movie Summary: 

In Paris, Befikre begins with a dreadful battle between Dharam (Ranveer Singh) and Shyra (Vaani Kapoor), which prompts an abrupt separation. Shyra leaves Dharam, and goes to her folks' home, requesting that they let her in as long as they don't pose any inquiries about Dharam or their separation. Dharam hails from Karol Bagh, New Delhi, and is a professional comic working in his companion, Mehra's (Aru Krishansh Verma) destined café. The evening of his separation, he taunts individuals seeing someone and gestures of recognition being single. 

The film then, at that point streaks back to when Dharam initially came to Paris looking for work and experience. Incredibly, he imparts his space to a young lady who is a lesbian. Mehra takes him to a gathering where he gets and snares together with the carefree Shyra, a local area expert, whose guardians are Indian, yet who was brought up in France. He later asks Shyra out on the town. She vows to go out on the town with him on the off chance that he acknowledges her challenge to slap a cop. He does as such, and they begin dating. During their relationship, they hold giving insane challenges to one another. In the long run, the couple chooses to enter a live-in relationship and Dharam meets Shyra's folks, who are culinary experts in their own Indian eatery. After numerous misconceptions and battles (counting the one displayed toward the start of the film), Shyra moves out and moves back in with her family. 

In the present, Dharam is as yet taunting his wrecked relationship at a similar café. During the months that follow, Dharam and Shyra continue meeting inadvertently, showing that they actually haven't gotten over one another and miss each other's organization. They at last choose to become companions again and praise their separation commemoration on the Pont des Arts Bridge. They swear never to become hopelessly enamored with one another again and tie a separation lock. 

Shyra begins dating Aney (Arrmaan Ralhan), a venture financier though Dharam begins dating Christine(Julie Ordon), a French model. They go for the occasion outside Paris. In the wake of returning to Paris, Aney proposes to Shyra. Shyra requests that Aney give her opportunity to mull over everything and asks Dharam for his recommendation at Place des Vosges Park. While Dharam is hesitant to lose Shyra, he actually encourages her to wed Aney and be glad. Shyra acknowledges the proposition, while Dharam covertly feels hopeless. 

Dharam and Shyra both stay old buddies until one day, when they get into a warmed conversation when he reveals to her that he and Christine have chosen to wed to which Shyra doesn't endorse and she and Dharam become rivals. Before long, Dharam and Christine both choose to wed one another. 

Realizing that both Dharam and Shyra will wed various individuals they actually are sincerely joined to one another. They do a go head to head dance at the 'Sangeet' service, which prompts their compromise as companions. Dharam furtively reveals to Shyra that he isn't prepared for marriage and furthermore needs to stop it. During the discussion, both begin to acknowledge they actually love one another. 

On the big day, Dharam, notwithstanding, figures out how to stop the wedding and discloses to Shyra that he really adores and can't be a companion of her any longer. Ultimately after an extensive battle at the wedding where both leave their separate accomplices, Dharam and Shyra flee from their wedding service. Dharam challenges Shyra to wed him, which she acknowledges. 
The film closes with Dharam and Shyra's wedding.

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