Chak De India 2007 full Hindi movie download

Chak De India 2007 full Hindi movie download

Chak De India 2007 Full Hindi Movie Summary:
Chak De! India opens in Delhi during the last minutes of a Hockey World Cup match among Pakistan and India, with Pakistan driving 1–0. At the point when Indian group commander Kabir Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) is fouled, he takes a punishment stroke. His shot simply misses, costing India to lose the match. Before long subsequently, news sources flow a photo of Khan warmly greeting the Pakistani commander. The wearing motion is misjudged, and Khan[11][12] is associated with tossing the game out of compassion towards Pakistan. Strict prejudice[11][12][13] compels him and his mom (Jayshree Arora) to leave town. 

After seven years Mr. Tripathi (Anjan Srivastav), the top of India's hockey affiliation, meets with field hockey advocate Uttam Singh (Mohit Chauhan) to talk about the Indian ladies' hockey group. As per Tripathi, the group has no future since the solitary long haul job for ladies is to "cook and clean". Uttam, in any case, reveals to him that Kabir Khan needs to mentor the group. At first doubtful, Tripathi consents to the plan. 

Khan ends up responsible for a gathering of 16 young ladies isolated by their serious qualities and provincial biases. Komal Chautala (Chitrashi Rawat), a town young lady from Haryana, conflicts with Preeti Sabarwal (Sagarika Ghatge) from Chandigarh; touchy Balbir Kaur (Tanya Abrol) from Punjab menaces Rani Dispotta (Seema Azmi) and Soimoi Kerketa (Nisha Nair), who are from far off towns in Jharkhand. Mary Ralte (Kimi Laldawla) from Mizoram and Molly Zimik (Masochon Zimik), from Manipur in Northeast India, face far and wide racial separation, and sexual remarks from certain outsiders. Group Captain Vidya Sharma (Vidya Malavade) should pick among hockey and the desires of her better half Rakesh's (Nakul Vaid) family, and Preeti's life partner—Abhimanyu Singh (Vivan Bhatena), Vice-Captain of the India public cricket crew—feels undermined by her association with the group. 

Khan understands that he can make the young ladies champs just in the event that he can assist them with conquering their disparities. During his initial not many days as mentor, he seats a few players who won't adhere to his guidelines—including Bindiya Naik (Shilpa Shukla), the most experienced player. Accordingly, Bindiya more than once urges different players to oppose Khan. At the point when she at long last succeeds, Khan furiously leaves; nonetheless, he welcomes the staff and group to a goodbye lunch at Mcdonald's. During the lunch, neighborhood young men eve bother Mary; Balbir assaults them, setting off a fight between the young men and the group. Khan, perceiving that they are at long last going about as one interestingly, keeps the staff from interceding; he just prevents a man from hitting one of the ladies from behind with a cricket bat. After the battle, the ladies request that Khan remain their mentor. 

The group faces new difficulties. At the point when Tripathi will not send the ladies' group to Australia for the World Cup, Khan proposes a match against the men's group. In spite of the fact that his group loses, their presentation motivates Tripathi to send them to Australia all things considered. Bindiya is annoyed with Khan for picking Vidya over her as the skipper of the group. Her ensuing conduct brings about a 7–0 misfortune to Australia. At the point when Khan defies Bindiya about her activities on the field, Bindiya reacts by endeavoring to tempt Khan, to which he dismisses her advances and requests that she avoid the game. Khan proceeds to prepare the young ladies once more, which is trailed by triumphs over England, Spain, South Africa, New Zealand, and Argentina. Not long before their game with South Korea, Khan approaches Bindiya, requesting that she start playing again and break the methodology of 'One man to another' checking utilized by the Korean group so they can dominate the game. Bindiya goes onto the field and with the assistance of Gunjan Lakhani figures out how to beat South Korea. They are again coordinated with Australia for the last; this time, they effectively rout them to win the World Cup. At the point when the group gets back, their families treat them with more prominent regard and Khan, his great name reestablished, gets back with his mom to their genealogical home.

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