COLOUR PHOTO (2020) Telugu TRUE WEB-DL 200MB 480p, 720p, 1080p

COLOUR PHOTO (2020) Telugu TRUE WEB-DL 200MB 480p, 720p, 1080p

Colour Photo Telugu 2020 Full Movie Summary:

The film starts with Deepthi getting the information on her dad's demise. She and her significant other Chandu arrive at their town and meet their family. Ramaraju, Deepthi's sibling and the nearby sub-overseer, attempts to converse with her, however she closes him down and goes to her ex Jayakrishna's home in his jeep. Her companion Padmaja goes with her, and they recognize a couple contending. Deepthi discovers their issues basically the same as her past with Jayakrishna, and portrays her story. 

Jayakrishna, the child of a milkman, concentrates in a similar school as Deepthi's. He once considered her to be for a presentation as a goddess, and experienced passionate feelings for her. Nonetheless, in contrast to Deepthi, he is darker looking and from a poor financial foundation. Henceforth, he never communicates his sentiments towards her. After a year, a couple of seniors cloth Jayakrishna by fooling him into going to Deepthi's practice and afterward beat him up for "prodding young ladies". Deepthi and her companions go to the head and clarify what really occurred, and Jayakrishna escapes inconvenience. Be that as it may, he begins keeping away from them, as he doesn't need anybody to think gravely. Deepthi stands up to and proposes to Jayakrishna. On Jayakrishna's solicitation, she acknowledges to stay quiet about their relationship. With her support, he pounds the seniors who beat him up and acquires certainty and fortitude. 

Startlingly, Padmaja and Jayakrishna's companion Bala Yesu "Balu" become more acquainted with about their relationship. They, as well, acknowledge to stay quiet about this. Things work out positively for the couple until a fest, where the school chief denies Jayakrishna a chance to talk on the stage in light of his complexion. Jayakrishna feels offended and gives a discourse on the stage, censuring shading separation before the central visitor - an outsider who doesn't get Telugu and thinks of it as a discourse preferring designing. 

The head, alongside the seniors that have resentment against him, chooses to render retribution. On Deepthi's birthday, when Jayakrishna meets her in a vacant class, the seniors lock the room and charge that the couple were having a loving relationship. Ramaraju is incensed and sends her away from the town. Jayakrishna is whipped in this way. Nonetheless, as Deepthi shows up to gather her lobby ticket, Jayakrishna appears and leaves with her as Ramaraju is stuck in the school with their companions' assistance. 

Several feels energized and leaves cheerfully. Then, at that point, Padmaja and Deepthi remember the real happenings. Jayakrishna was thumped, embarrassed, and his testaments were scorched by Ramaraju, accordingly guaranteeing that he lands no position later on. He likewise kills Lakshmi, and a calf Jayakrishna has raised profoundly, naming it after his expired mother. At the point when Jayakrishna answered, Ramaraju broke his leg, leaving him faltering. 

Jayakrishna met Deepthi when she showed up to accept her lobby ticket, and they choose to end it all by devouring toxic substance. Jayakrishna passes on the spot, yet Deepthi was protected by Ramaraju. Balu was left crushed and lost his mental soundness. The film closes with Deepthi discovering that no photograph of Jayakrishna exists in the town, and she drawing his representation, considering it the 'Colour Photo'.

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