Coolie No 1 Full Movie Download HD 720p Bluray

Coolie No 1 Full Movie Download HD 720p Bluray

Coolie No. 1 Hindi Full Movie Summary:
Pandit Jai Kishen brings a planned husband to be's family for Sarah Rozario. However, when her dad Jeffrey discovers that that family isn't incredibly wealthy, he affronts Jai Kishen. Jai Kishen promises to show Jeffrey something new for his pomposity and pride. 

Returning, Jai Kishen catchs Raju Coolie, a rail line station watchman who gladly wears his identification - "Coolie No. 1". Raju is known among his kindred watchmen for being gallant, as of late having gotten a street pharmacist Mahesh captured. At the point when Raju is stricken by Sarah's photograph, Jai Kishen hatches an arrangement to get the helpless doorman hitched to Sarah and get his vengeance. With Jai Kishen's direction and the assistance of his companion Deepak Mechanic, Raju acts like the sovereign of Singapore, Kunwar Raj Pratap Singh and wins Sarah's heart. Simultaneously, Sarah's sister Anju succumbs to Deepak. 

Jeffrey gets Sarah hitched to Raju, not realizing that he is only a helpless doorman. At the point when Raju gets back with Sarah after the wedding, he imagines that his "father" Mahendra Pratap Singh has tossed him out of the house for getting hitched without his assent. Sarah attempts to make the best out of the surrendered circumstance by cheering Raj, which causes him to feel regretful. 

The difficulty turns out to be twofold when Jeffrey comes to town to visit his little girl and child in-law however spots Raju as a coolie at the train station. Jeffrey causes an uproar, saying that Raju is an extortion who acted like a rich sovereign and wedded his girl. Immediately, Raju professes to not perceive Jeffrey and shoos him away. Raju gets back home dressed as Raj and clarifies that Jeffrey more likely than not seen his twin sibling Raju who his dad tossed out because of his drinking and betting addictions. Jeffrey purchases this story and chooses to get Anju hitched to Raju, with the goal that the two his little girls will carry on with incredibly wealthy lives. 

Raju continues to stumble into difficulty since he can be just at one spot at one time. One such episode powers Raju, Sarah and Jeffrey Rozario to record a missing grievance for Kunwar Raj Pratap Singh. Examiner Jagjit Godbole gets incredulous of the circumstance and begins to accept that Raju and his twin Raj are a similar individual. To forestall further issues, Deepak proposes that he ought to "kill" Raju. Taking this idea, Raju throws his "Coolie No. 1" identification into a vehicle which he and Deepak push down a bluff, into a lake. Notwithstanding, when the vehicle is recuperated however no body is discovered, Inspector Godbole's doubts are affirmed. 

Mahesh Anand is repudiated by his dad Mahendra because of his crimes. To get back at him and Raju, Mahesh cuts Mahendra and casings Raju for the equivalent. Examiner Godbole shows up to capture him, however Raju educates him that Mahendra is as yet alive and needs basic clinical consideration, following which he gets away from police guardianship. Raju races to Deepak and the two of them incubate an arrangement to profess to be attendants to save Mahendra's life, as that is Raju's just verification of honesty. At the medical clinic, Inspector Godbole tells Jeffrey, Sarah and Anju that Raju is only a doorman who professed to be Kunwar Raj Pratap Singh. 

While attempting to save Mahendra, Raju and Deepak chance upon Sarah and Anju. Raju admits his extortion to Sarah, and she pardons him. Jeffrey and Sarah help Raju and Deepak prevent Mahesh from killing Mahendra. When he acquires cognizance, Mahendra reports that since Raju saved his life, he resembles a child to him. Anju additionally declares her adoration for Deepak. At the point when Jeffrey cries about his children in-law being a doorman and a specialist, Jai Kishen shows up and reveals to Jeffrey that it will undoubtedly happen to somebody so self-important and glad for his abundance. Jai Kishen clarifies that for a cheerful marriage, abundance isn't required - love is.

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