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Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge Full Hindi Movie Summary:
Raj Malhotra and Simran Singh are both non-inhabitant Indians (NRI) living in London. Simran is raised by her folks, Baldev Singh and Lajwanti. Baldev Singh is a severe and moderate dad, while Raj is raised by his dad Dharamvir Malhotra, who is extremely liberal. Simran consistently fantasies about gathering her optimal man; her mom Lajjo cautions her against this, saying dreams are acceptable, yet one ought not aimlessly accept they work out. At some point, Baldev gets a letter from his companion Ajit, who lives in Punjab, India. Ajit needs to keep the guarantee he and Baldev made to one another 20 years prior—to have Simran wed his child Kuljeet. Simran is baffled, as she would not like to wed somebody whom she has never met. 

One evening, Raj enters Baldev's shop in the wake of shutting time to purchase lager. Baldev denies, however Raj gets an instance of brew, tosses cash on the counter, and flees. A goaded Baldev considers Raj a shame to India. In the interim, Raj's dad consents to his solicitation to go on a train trip across Europe with his companions, and Simran's companions have welcomed her to go on a similar outing. Simran requests that her dad let her see the world before her marriage, and he hesitantly concurs. 

On the outing, Raj and Simran meet. Raj continually plays with Simran, causing her a deep sense of aggravation. The two miss their train to Zürich and are isolated from their companions, however begin to travel together and become companions. Raj falls head over heels for Simran on the excursion, and when they head out in different directions in London, Simran acknowledges she is enamored with him too. At home, Simran discloses to her mom about the kid she met on her outing; Baldev catches the discussion and becomes irritated with his little girl. He says the family will move to India the following day. In the interim, Raj educates his dad concerning Simran and that she will before long get hitched. At the point when Raj says he trusts Simran loves him as well, his dad urges him to pursue her. Raj goes to her home to charm her and her dad, however is educated by their neighbor that they have sold their home and moved to India. 

In India, Baldev is brought together with his family members and his companion, Ajit. A hopeless Simran and her more youthful sister Chutki take a moment aversion to Simran's life partner Kuljeet as a result of his egotism. Simran pines for Raj, however her mom advises her to fail to remember him since she realizes Baldev won't ever acknowledge their relationship. The following morning, Raj shows up outside of the house where Simran is remaining and the two rejoin. She beseeches him to steal away with her, yet Raj denies and says he will just wed her with her dad's assent. Without unveiling his associate with Simran, Raj gets to know Kuljeet, and is immediately acknowledged by the two families. Afterward, his dad shows up in India and furthermore becomes companions with Simran's and Kuljeet's families. In the end, Lajjo and Chutki find that Raj is the kid Simran experienced passionate feelings for in Europe. Lajjo additionally advises Raj and Simran to flee, however he actually rejects. Baldev perceives Raj from the brew occurrence however in the end acknowledges him. In any case, after he finds a photo of Raj and Simran together in Europe, he slaps and embarrasses Raj and advises him to leave. 

As Raj and his dad stand by at the rail route station, Kuljeet, who is furious to learn of Raj's adoration for Simran, shows up with his companions and assault them. At last, Baldev and Ajit show up and stop the battle, and Raj sheets the leaving train with his dad. Simran then, at that point shows up with her mom and sister; she attempts to join Raj on the train, however Baldev stops her. Simran implores him to release her, saying she can't live without Raj. Baldev, acknowledging no one loves his girl more than Raj does, releases her, and she runs and gets the train as it withdraws.

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