Double Feluda 2016 Bengali Full HD Movie Download or Watch Online

Double feluda 2016 Bengali Full HD Movie Download or Watch

Double Feluda 2016 Bengali Full HD Movie Summary: 

There are two stories – Samaddarer Chabi and Golokdham Rahasya. The previous is an account of an instruments authority, Radharaman Samaddar. After his passing, Radharaman's nephew, Manimohan, looks for Feluda's assistance in quest for his abundance. The subsequent story is about a researcher, Nihar Ranjan Dutta, whose notable examination on a malignant growth cure reached a sudden conclusion after he met with a mishap in his lab in the US. The mishap leaves him visually impaired, and presently, his incomplete examination is taken and the criminal investigator goes to Golakdham to discover the hoodlum. 

It's difficult to partake in a whodunit film when you know the end. A thrill ride less tension is practically similar to food without preparing. In a thrill ride, as go against to a whodunit, the test for a movie producer is to part with the offenders personality yet hold his crowd. In any case, Sandip Ray doesn't go that way in this film, which is an unadulterated whodunit. 

Twofold Feluda stands apart for its audacious effortlessness. From portrayal to camera to prearrange – Sandip Ray doesn't, for once, attempt to go over the top. What's more, presto! On its 50th commemoration of the distribution, Feluda is back with a bang. 

We, the fervent Feluda fans, will undoubtedly get the main goosebumps toward the starting parchment. It goes for us on a walk through a world of fond memories with Satyajit Ray's representations and fronts of Feluda books we grew up with. We stroll through the alcoves and corners of Feludar Goendagiri, Badshahi Angti, Chhinnamastar Abhishap, Gangtoke Gondogol, Jaibaba Felunath, Feluda One Feluda Two, etc before the at long last settle down to the principal part of the film – Samaddarer Chabi. 

Manimohan Samaddar (Bratya Basu) comes to meet Feluda (Sabyasachi Chakrabarty) to track down the secret fortune of his dead uncle Radharaman, a parsimonious man who used to gather instruments. Feluda and Topshe (Shaheb Bhattacherjee) easily discovers the offender before the span yet not prior to projecting a couple of spells of wonderful acting by Sabyasachi and Saswata Chatterjee, who assumes the part Dharanidhar (Radharaman's grandson) otherwise called Sanjay Lahiri. Sadhan Sen – the youngster legend of the story – likewise makes an imprint. 

The subsequent half beginnings with a new story, Golakdham Rahasya, in which another customer, Subir Ranjan Dutta, played by Bhashkar Banerjee, visits Feluda at 21 Rajani Sen Road. This time, there is an instance of endeavor to ransack the customer's home. Subir's sibling, Nihar Ranjan Dutta (Dhritiman Chatterjee) – a famous scientist – lost his vision in a mishap in his US college. His incomplete examination is under danger. In any case, in the interim, one of the occupants gets killed. When Feluda settles the secret Nihar Ranjan Dutta passes on and his incomplete examination sees a beam of expectation. 

Golakdham Rahasya is an indent more extreme than the Samaddarer Chabi. The film arrives at its zenith when Feluda meets his Mycroft Holmes, Sidhu Jyatha (Paran Bandyopadhyay). Sidhu Jyatha, obviously annoyed by Feluda's unpredictable participation, trades an episode of sharp exchanges. With an ideal equilibrium of mind and astuteness, the short appearance of Sidhu Jyatha is scratched to us. 

Sabyasachi has effectively accumulated numerous honors as Feluda from various quarters. After his one-film vanishing, the entertainer demonstrates that he is the most ideal alternative for the incredible, tall analyst within recent memory. This Feluda isn't in his mid 30s. He is maturing and chief puts forth no attempt to disguise his age. Feluda, in this film, isn't soaring, yet has depended on his most prominent weapon, magajastro – the little dark cells in his mind. 

The film has its imprudences. The subsequent story hinders the film for a piece. Also, there are intelligent irregularities. At the point when Feluda, Topshe and his customer, Bhashkar, visit inhabitants' rooms at Golakdham, Mr Dastur's (Biswajit Chakraborty) room was locked from outside. Before long, they meet Dastur while he was returning from work. Dastur opens the lock and asks Hari, his homegrown assistance, to serve cold beverage to his visitors. This either implies Dastur locked his homegrown assistance inside while going to work or there is an off-base thing really taking shape. 

In any case, the film is quick and free-streaming. It doesn't have the subtleties of Satyajit Ray. Be that as it may, it has his music, his fabulous stories and his thoughts. Before the finish of the film, we get another episode of sentimentality when all the cast, team and different individuals identified with Feluda film talk about their involvement in Satyajit Ray, his person Felu Mittir and the brilliant long stretches of youngsters writing. On the off chance that the film misses the mark in certain viewpoints, the narrative toward the end will clearly make it worth recollecting.

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