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De De Pyaar De Full Hindi Movie Summary:
Ashish Mehra (Ajay Devgn) is a 50-year-old non-occupant Indian financial specialist got comfortable London. He meets Ayesha Khurana (Rakul Preet Singh), a 26-year-old who acts like a stripper at his companion's lone wolf party. They begin dating and start a committed relationship, living respectively. Ashish's companion and analyst Samir Khanna (Javed Jaffrey) is incredulous about Ayesha from the outset yet is persuaded. Ashish advises her that he is isolated from his significant other Manju Rao (Tabu) and his kids live in India. Their relationship experiences a mishap when Ashish uncovers that he is too old to even consider having kids, yet they accommodate and he chooses to acquaint Ayesha with his family. 

Ashish takes Ayesha to his folks' home in Manali to acquire their endorsement for marriage. There, he sees that his family, made out of his ex Manju, girl Ishita, and child Ishaan, presently live with his dad Veerendra (Alok Nath) and mother Suman. Ishita is aggravated by his appearance as she accepts that he will destroy her family's gathering with Atul Saxena (Kumud Mishra), her to-be-father-in-law. A surprised Ashish presents Ayesha as his secretary, much to the last's mortification. There is more tumult and disarray that is covered with untruths, and Ashish is acquainted as Manju's sibling with Ishita's future parents in law. 

Ayesha and Manju neglect to manage everything well. Ishita is rankled when she sees Ashish and Ayesha together and yells at him. Ashish uncovers to the family that he had carried Ayesha to acquire their endorsement and Ishita likewise uncovers to Atul that Ashish is her dad. Ishita's marriage is canceled and Ashish is faulted for it, however Manju guards him. That evening, Ashish and Manju rest together get-togethers separates and Ashish consoles her. The following morning, when this is uncovered to Ayesha, she feels cheated and yells on Manju, saying will she respond something similar on the off chance that he went behind her back with some other lady, to which Manju reacts by uncovering that she is as yet his better half and Ayesha is the other lady. Crushed, a disheartened Ayesha gets back to London. In the interim, Ashish persuades Atul for the marriage, and regardless of plans going full speed ahead, he starts to miss Ayesha. 

Manju goes to London and persuades Ayesha to allow Ashish another opportunity, revealing to her that the legal documents are prepared. Ayesha accommodates with Ashish. In a mid-credits scene, Ayesha and Ashish contend on whether they should meet Ayesha's family.

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