Goynar Baksho 2013 full movie Watch Online

Goynar Baksho 2013 full movie Watch Online

Goynar Baksho 2013 Bengali full movie Summary:
The film spun around ladies of three ages and their lives and changing situation in the public arena. What's more, this is displayed corresponding to an adornments box.[1] The lead character is the authority of a Bengali Hindu family (Moushumi Chatterjee) of landed nobility in East Bengal. She was offered in an organized marriage at age 11, and bereaved presently. The tale of the film spins around her wedding gems, which she keeps sequestered in a crate. In the wake of turning into a survivor of ethnic purifying during the segment of India, her family moves to the Republic of India from East Pakistan, losing their genealogical terrains simultaneously. She spends the rest of her life, clearly as a modest widow, concealing her wedding gems from her voracious family members in the joint family. In 1949, she gets to know the new lady of the family, her niece-in-law (Konkona Sen Sharma) in a matter of seconds prior to kicking the bucket. 

The niece-in-law is visited by the soul of the authority, who requests that she shroud the gems box from her eager family members. Throughout the long term, the family plummets into destitution, losing cash in legal actions over family property questions, while the niece in law, consistently observed by the soul of the matron, keeps the gems covered up. At last, the soul of the female authority permits the niece-in-law to pawn a portion of the gems so her significant other (Saswata Chatterjee) can set up a business, over the complaints of the family, selling saris . The thriving of the business permits her to repurchase the gems, finishing the secret assortment. The niece-in-law finds that her significant other is having an extramarital illicit relationship, and gripes to the phantom of the authority. The phantom of the authority entertains her with an account of a scorching sexual contact that she had with a worker when she was alive and youthful, and empowers the niece in law to take on her very own admirer. The niece-in-law from the outset goes gaga for the mysterious sweetheart however later she gets back to her significant other and brings forth a young lady. The apparition neglecting to prevail in her undertaking of joining the niece in law and her sweetheart leaves the niece in law and starts to visit her little girl, the phantom's grandniece all things considered. 

The last piece of the film spins around the little girl as she grows up (Srabanti Chatterjee) and turns into an advanced Bengali Indian lady; setting off for college, driving, and becoming engaged with governmental issues. The film moves toward the year 1971, when the Bangladesh Liberation War breaks out in East Pakistan. Bengalis in East Pakistan request political, social and semantic independence from the exceptional and severe persecution of Pakistan, and dissident against West Pakistan. The little girl's darling consistently moves the boundary over to East Pakistan to help the Mukti Bahini rebels in their battle for opportunity. The 1971 Bangladesh annihilation turns into a background of the film, and one of the revolutionaries is killed by a Pakistani demise crew, following which the apparition of the authority encourages the girl to give the gems to the reason for the Mukti Bahini.

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