Half Girlfriend 2017 Hindi Full HD Movie Watch Online

Half Girlfriend 2017 Hindi Full HD Movie Watch Online

Half Girlfriend 2017 Hindi Full HD Movie Summary: 

Madhav is a decent ball player who can't communicate in English well. He gets acknowledged into University dependent on a games share where he meets Riya Somani, a high society young lady who is permitted brief confirmation dependent on a games amount. They become old buddies and play ball each evening on the school court. At the point when Madhav educates his flat mate Shailesh and companions concerning Riya, they push him to ask Riya out for a date, yet she stops him and asks him just to be a companion. Madhav's companions actually urge him to seek after Riya in the expectations that she will ultimately date him. 

One day Madhav and Riya hang out around evening time. Madhav gets her from her home, and subsequent to going through the evening, when she returns home, she kisses Madhav prior to going into her home. 

At the point when Madhav goes to Riya's birthday, he questions her about the idea of their relationship. Awkward, Riya says that she isn't his sweetheart, however they can perhaps arrive at a trade off since they have reached midway, and she offers to be his "Half Girlfriend." But after on evening after a game Madhav inquires as to whether she might want to rest in his room in a young men just dormitory, (prodded by his companions and feeling embarrassed by Riya's vulnerability) Madhav attempted to drive himself upon Riya irritated and hurt a couple of days, Riya reveals to Madhav that she is leaving school and getting hitched. Madhav attempts to stop her however she doesn't. 

In the wake of finishing his school, Madhav returns to his town where Madhav's mom runs a school where just young men study due to young ladies' shortfall of latrines. Madhav discovers that Bill Gates is coming to Patna and will support awards to schools. Madhav chooses to apply for an award, for which he goes to Chanakya lodging in Patna. 

After the gathering, Madhav meets Riya, who was living in the lodging and works for Closeup. They meet and hang out for quite a while, where Madhav comes to realize that Riya has separated in light of the fact that her better half and his mom attempted to beat her. As Madhav needs to give a discourse in English for Bill Gates, Riya assists him with getting ready for it. At some point, he takes her to his home, where Madhav's mom gets some information about her past-her marriage. She acts discourteously with her after realizing that she is a divorced person. A couple of days before the discourse, when Riya needed to return to Patna, Madhav's mom demands her to avoid Madhav. She, nonetheless, goes to Madhav's discourse, where he is effective in getting an award from the Bill Gates Foundation. After the discourse had finished, a little young lady from the school hands a letter from Riya for Madhav. He gains from the letter that Riya has been determined to have blood malignant growth and will bite the dust in 90 days. She demands him not to look for her as she, when all is said and done, doesn't have the foggiest idea where she will go. In the current day, Madhav is seen going to Riya's home to convey her effects to her mom, who starts crying on finding out about Riya's sickness. Madhav reviews that she needed to turn into a vocalist at a bar in New York. Ill-equipped, Madhav goes to New York to visit his companion Shailesh. 

Shailesh and his better half Rutvi find out about the entire occurrence and attempt to digress Madhav's consideration from Riya. Rutvi attempts to set him up with Anshika, her companion. They hang out. Madhav attempts to discover Riya for 90 days consistently, and his time expires. On the last day, when he was going to his goodbye party, he saw a video where Anshika, who had gone gaga for him, said thanks to him for being a piece of his life. While she said thanks to him over a tune while sitting at a bar, Madhav sees an obscured image of the artist who to some degree seemed to be like Riya, and the tune was equivalent to the one which Riya sang. Frantic, he runs for the bistro in the midst of falling snow and with no vehicle. After coming to the bistro, he demands the gatekeeper to permit him to enter. He enters the bar and discovers the vocalist is in reality Riya. Riya and Madhav accommodate and perfect their relationship. Riya had misled Madhav about being debilitated as his mom didn't need Riya, a divorced person to be with her child. 

A couple of years after the fact, Madhav is seen conversing with his mom about opening another school, and Riya assists their girl with learning play b-ball, who can't do it. Riya discloses to her little girl never to surrender.

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