Hate Story 2 2014 Full HD Movie Free Download 720p

Hate Story 2 2014 Full HD Movie Free Download 720p

Hate Story 2 2014 Full Hindi Movie Summary:
The film starts with a matured man entering a memorial park to lay blossoms on someone's grave. He hears the commotion of somebody battling in a casket close by. To his most extreme amazement, he finds a young lady covered alive in the casket. He takes the young lady to the medical clinic where Police Inspector Anton Varghese (Siddharth Kher), advises the specialist to tell him when she recaptures cognizance. The official guarding the young lady's room calls an unknown individual advising him regarding the young lady being alive. He attempts to cover her yet she can caution the medical attendant. Reviewer Anton is called yet the young lady figures out how to escape from the clinic. 

The young lady is uncovered to be Sonika (Surveen Chawla), the fancy woman of an amazing and compelling political pioneer Mandar Mhatre (Sushant Singh). Sonika is a photography understudy who is kept detached and, is tormented by Mandar. She hesitantly discovers solace in her school companion Akshay Bedi (Jay Bhanushali) who furtively adores her. They fall head over heels however Sonika is vulnerable since she can't educate Akshay concerning her circumstance with Mandar. Akshay becomes acquainted with reality and solaces her. They choose to flee to be together and have intercourse. Sonika is glad and becomes confident of having a free life. Mandar finds that she has run off with her darling. 

Mandar and his men arrive at Akshay's home and assault him. Sonika beseeches him to let Akshay be nevertheless they kill him by binds him to a rope and tossing him in a lake in a vehicle. Mandar likewise covers Sonika alive in a final resting place. After she is safeguarded she pledges to correct retribution upon Mandar. First kills the cop who attempted to kill her. Then, at that point she composes a diary depicting her torment. She jumps into similar lake and places it in the vehicle. She then, at that point kills one of the three men who was associated with killing Akshay. From that point forward, she educates Inspector Anton about Akshay's dead body. Notwithstanding, Mandar makes it seem as though Sonika killed Akshay. Sonika then, at that point kills another of Mandar's men engaged with Akshay's demise. Sonika collaborates with Mandar's adversary and to get to the third man who aided killed Akshay however Mandar himself kills him. 

It is uncovered that his adversary had turned into an accomplice after Mandar presented to impart his seats to him in the political race. Mandar embroils Sonika in the homicides and the police capture her. Notwithstanding, she figures out how to escape with Anton's assistance. Then, at that point Sonika kills Mandar with Mandar's better half's assistance who finds her significant other's actual face. Following day, Anton gives a locked house to Sonika to live there in the security, giving her the new personality of 'Veronica', realizing that nobody would even consider that an outlaw is stowing away in a protected house gave to her by the very official driving the manhunt to discover her.

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