Mishawr Rahasya 2013 Full Movie Download 720p

Mishawr Rahasya Full Movie Download 720p

Mishawr Rawhoshyo (2013) Full Bengali Movie Summary:

Mishawr Rawhoshyo begins with Kakababu (Prosenjit Chatterjee) and his nephew Shontu (Aryann Bhowmik) grinning in the wake of watching news illuminating regarding the up and coming defeat of the fascism in Egypt. 

The film rewinds into a flashback. It is 2010. Kakababu is shrunk by Egyptian financial specialist Al Mamun (Rajit Kapur) to unravel the implications of hieroglyphic images that his instructor, Mufti Muhammad (Barun Chanda), had drawn on a piece of paper evidently during his rest. Muhammad is critically ill and is going to concede his last desire while he is being treated in Delhi. Mamun imagines that the images are the key for finding Mufti Muhammad's will which will depict where to discover treasures Mufti Muhammad had procured during his residency as a political pioneer and progressive. Notwithstanding, Kakababu is persuaded that the images have an alternate importance and they are exceptionally strange. Mufti Muhammad emblematically demands Kakababu to confirm something, an extremely uncommon last wish. 

In the interim, a conflict of contention follows among Mamun and Hani Al Qadi (Indraneil Sengupta), another of Mufti Muhammad's supporters (and an adversary of Mamun) who blames Mamun for taking a mysterious that isn't legitimately his. While in Delhi, there was an endeavor to kill Kakababu, where Kakababu was harmed. Kakababu took the test to reveal reality; he and his nephew Shontu head to Egypt where they are brought into the vortex of the secret. 

Kakababu gets hijacked by Al Qadi's men which sets off a chain of occasions, coming full circle in a peak under a pyramid. Inside the pyramid, Kakababu finds the lost mummy of an Egyptian sovereign with the assistance of the hieroglyphics code composed by Mufti Muhammad. The present-day political unrest in Egypt unpretentiously resounds. Toward the end, Kakababu gives Hani Al Qadi the coded message composed inside the final resting place of the mummy and wishes him best of luck for his impending transformation to liberate Egypt from the bad despot Jashni Mubarak (fictionalized Hosni Mubarak).

Mishawr Rawhoshyo (2013) Bengali Movie Trailer:

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