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New York (2009) Free Full Movie Download

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In the United States in 2009, the FBI capture Omar Aijaz, a youthful Muslim man initially from Delhi, India, subsequent to discovering firearms in the storage compartment of a taxi he possessed. Omar is then arrested and cross examined by FBI Agent Roshan, likewise a Muslim man initially from South Asia who has been living in the United States for a very long time. Omar then, at that point finds that he was set up by the FBI to constrain him to keep an eye on a previous school companion, Sameer "Sam" Sheik, whom he has not found in seven years and who the FBI accepts is a fear based oppressor. All the while, Omar finds that Sam has hitched Maya, a common companion whom Omar really liked in college and discovers that Sam and Maya have a youthful child, Danyal. 

Roshan orders Omar to reveal to him all that he thinks about Sam. The film then, at that point streaks back to September 1999, when Omar starts his investigations at the New York State University. He is become a close acquaintence with by his worldwide understudy guide Maya and discovers that however she was brought up in New York, she is conversant in Hindi in light of her mom's advantage in Bollywood films. Omar likewise meets Sam, an American Muslim who is additionally conversant in Hindi because of the way that his dad is a teacher of Indian examinations. Throughout the following two years, every one of the three become indistinguishable companions and continuously Omar experiences passionate feelings for Maya. At the point when Omar understands that she adores Sam, notwithstanding, he removes himself from them both. Their lighthearted days end with the beginning of the September 11 assaults, or 9/11. 

Subsequent to completing his story, Omar consents to help Roshan (rather hesitantly), if by some stroke of good luck to demonstrate that both he and Sam are blameless. He reunites with Maya and Sam and stays in their home, meanwhile spying for the FBI. Omar discovers that Maya is a social liberties lobbyist who is helping one of Sam's representatives, Zilgai defeat his experience as a previous 9/11 prisoner. Zilgai was in the end delivered because of absence of proof and has been experiencing issues changing back to typical life. 

As time advances, Omar feels fulfilled that he can discover nothing to warrant the FBI's doubts and is prepared to leave when a progression of occasions constrains him to rethink. Simultaneously, Omar gains from Sam that ten days after 9/11, Sam was captured and confined for a time of nine months as a speculated psychological militant, a charge which everybody, including the FBI and Roshan, presently concur was inaccurate. However he was in the end delivered because of absence of proof, the effect of being kept and tormented forever changed Sam in manners which are hard for those encompassing him to comprehend, leaving him with sensations of profound disdain towards the FBI. Omar accordingly finds that Sam at last turned to plans for illegal intimidation as a method for retribution. 

Moreover, Maya can't help Zilgai settle the injury of being a prisoner. After a normal traffic stop heightens and a NYPD cop gives Maya an extremely harsh full-body search, Zilgai becomes fomented. He drops Maya at her home and in the end kills the cop that very evening. In the wake of being proclaimed an outlaw, Zilgai drives the police on a long pursue eventually finishing off with his self destruction. 

The peak of the film settles upon the endeavors of Maya, Omar, and Roshan to keep Sam from submitting a demonstration of psychological warfare by disclosing to him that in the event that he sustains towards illegal intimidation, others will endure as he has. At last persuaded, Sam gives up and cuts short his endeavor to bomb the FBI building. In any case, the second he drops his PDA (which was initially planned as a detonator for the bomb) he is shot and killed by FBI riflemen. The wireless falls amiable to the ground without enacting anything. Maya, who was running toward Sam, is additionally killed by stray gunfire and Omar, deprived of discourse, separates. 

A half year after the fact, Omar has embraced Danyal, and Roshan has gotten recognition for supporting the counter illegal intimidation cause. Omar is console by Roshan who discloses to him that everyone was squarely in their place, however the circumstance wasn't right. Concerning Sam, the way he picked killed him. Everyone has continued on after 9/11, as finally. They accommodate with one another. The film closes with every one of them three going out for pasta and a side note portraying the eventual outcomes of 9/11.

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