Pather Panchali (1955) Bengali BluRay | 4K | 1080p | 720p

Pather Panchali (1955) Bengali BluRay | 4K | 1080p | 720p

পথের পাঁচালী বাংলা ফুল মুভি | Pather Panchali 1955 Indian Bengali Movie Summery:

In Nischindipur, country Bengal, during the 1910s, Harihar Roy makes money as a pujari (minister), yet dreams of a superior vocation as an artist and writer. His better half Sarbajaya deals with their kids, Durga and Apu, and Harihar's older cousin, Indir Thakrun. Due to their restricted assets, Sarbajaya loathes offering her home to the old Indir, who regularly takes food from their generally uncovered kitchen. Now and again, Sarbajaya's insults become hostile, driving Indir to take impermanent shelter in the home of another family member. Durga is enamored with Indir and regularly gives her organic product she has taken from a rich neighbor's plantation. At some point, the neighbor's significant other blames Durga for taking a dab jewelry (which Durga denies) and faults Sarbajaya for empowering her propensity to steal.Pather Panchali 1955 full Movie Download. 

As the senior kin, Durga really focuses on Apu with nurturing friendship, yet saves no chance to prod him. Together, they share the basic delights of life: sitting discreetly under a tree, seeing pictures in a voyaging merchant's bioscope, pursuing the treats man who goes through the town, and watching a jatra (society theater) performed by a company of entertainers. Each evening they are charmed by the sound of a far off train's whistle. At some point, they flee from home to get a brief look at the train, just to find Indir sitting dead on their return. 

Unfit to make money in the town, Harihar goes to the city to look for a superior work. He guarantees Sarbajaya that he will get back with cash to fix their incapacitated house. During his nonattendance, the family sinks further into neediness. Sarbajaya develops progressively desolate and severe. One day during the storm season, Durga plays in the deluge for a really long time, gets a bug and fosters a high fever. Sufficient clinical consideration being inaccessible, the fever turns out to be more awful, and on an evening of perpetual downpour and windy breezes, she kicks the bucket. Harihar gets back and begins to show Sarbajaya the product he has brought from the city.

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