Raja Hindustani 1996 Full Movie Download Free in HD

Raja Hindustani (1996) Full Movie Download Free in HD

Raja Hindustani (1996) Full Movie Summary:

Aarti, a well off little youngster is the lone offspring of her dad Bakshrath. Her malicious stepmother Shalini needs to secure all abundance of Bakshrath. Aarti arrives at Palankhet for an excursion to find the recollections of her dead mother. Upon appearance, she recruits the administrations of an accessible driver Raja Hindustani. 

The two bond and at last experience passionate feelings for after incidentally kissing each other sincerely. Bakshrath enters in Palankhet and plans to take Aarti home. She educates him concerning Raja; he gives a condition for acknowledgment that Raja goes to Mumbai and figures out how to turn into a decent citizen. 

Raja declines and requests that Aarti settle on a choice. She picks him yet asks for Bakshrath's gifts. He rejects and leaves for Mumbai. Raja and Aarti get hitched. Bakshrath in the end excuses and visits her in Palankhet. He gives them another house. Raja will not live there in light of the fact that he thinks it's anything but a gift, but instead as a cause since he's poor. 

To deal with Bakshrath's resources, Shalini takes advantage of this contention. Under the appearance of a gathering, they carry Raja and Aarti to Mumbai and set rolling occasions that cause the two to isolate. Aarti acknowledges she is pregnant; because of medical conditions, the specialist exhorts her not to travel. Shalini is approached to arrive at Palankhet to advise Raja about child and solicitation him to come to Mumbai. 

Nonetheless, she reveals to him that Aarti needs to separate from him. He declines; he learns Aarti has a child and is under the feeling that she plans to get him far from it. Dreading he can never see his child, he chooses to grab it. Distressed, Aarti goes to see and beseeches him to allow her to have their kid back. Eventually, the falsehoods and double dealing of Shalini are uncovered. Aarti and Raja rejoin.

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