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Dr. Vaseegaran has as of late constructed another android humanoid partner named Nila, whom he acquaints with a gathering of undergrads. Not long after, every one of the cell phones in the city start to fly into the sky, tossing people in general into a frenzy. A logical committee amasses to talk about the wonder, in which Vaseegaran proposes reactivating the robot Chitti. Be that as it may, the arrangement is gone against by an individual from the committee, Dhinendra Bohra, whose father was killed by Chitti a couple of years back. 

The cells accumulate into a multitude and kill telephone retail location proprietor Jayanth Kumar, telecom organization proprietor Manoj Lula, and Telecom Minister Vaira Moorthy. The Home Minister S. Vijay Kumar gives consent for Vaseegaran to reactivate Chitti, whom he has effectively begun chipping away at. The cell swarm annihilates telephone towers around the city and wrecks destruction on people in general, showing as a monster bird. A recently actuated and overhauled Chitti fights the bird in the city and annihilates it with a blast. The excess telephones retreat and change. Chitti, who runs out of battery takes asylum in three radio wires at a space station. The bird attempts to follow however is repulsed by the recieving wires. 

Chitti advises Vaseegaran about this occurrence and affirms that the telephones are controlled by an air, explicitly a concentrated mass of negative accuse of electromagnetic properties. Since the space station was streaming positive charged particles into space, the bird was repulsed. Vaseegaran assembles a photon synthesizer that projects positive charge, planning to kill the charge of the bird. The gathering goes up against the bird and depletes it of force. The telephones take up a humanoid structure, as the expired ornithologist Pakshi Rajan. 

Chitti speaks with Pakshi as he endeavors to annihilate the synthesizer, in which a flashback uncovers that Pakshi challenged the utilization of current cell phones, from which the radiation influenced the minds of birds and caused mass passings, particularly close to his bird asylum and home in Thirukazhukundram. Pakshi makes meetings and fights to address this, however people in general excuses and derides him. Lula and Moorthy additionally reject his ethics for their business and Jayanth Kumar avoids him from his shop as he attempts to dissent. Birds all around the city including Pakshi's asylum cease to exist, including infant chicks. A distressed and infuriated Pakshi, after even a court examination discovered no infringement (since telecom organizations diminished sign levels to hide bad behavior), balances himself at a phone tower. Pakshi's contrarily charged soul stirs by the radiation emanating from the pinnacle. By retaining the spirits of the multitude of expired birds in the city, he turns into a wrathful substance. 

Chitti make an effort not to hurt people in general but rather Pakshi wishes to rebuff their obliviousness. Chitti has Pakshi caught and contained. The word gets out to the chamber which chooses to assemble a multitude of such robots for the military. Dhinendra, who becomes rankled by Chitti's triumph, delivers Pakshi's soul from the synthesizer. Pakshi has Vaseegaran and assaults the public once more, however Chitti won't assault his maker. Nila gets the red chip and reconstructs Chitti to his evil 2.0 modify personality, subsequent to adjusting it to not hurt the guiltless and ordering him just to battle Pakshi. 

Pakshi traps 80,000 individuals in a football arena and kills Dhinendra, who was available, by centering radiation from different cell towers. Chitti meddles and battles Pakshi's bird structure with his military. As Chitti runs out of charge, Pakshi transforms into his winged structure and makes a few bird drones. The robots tear the robots into pieces, yet before Pakshi can bring radiation he's hindered by one of Chitti's manifestations: the activity figure bot Kutti 3.0. Delivered into the arena by Nila, the Kutti bots mount themselves on birds, constraining Pakshi to remain down. The Kuttis fall to pieces and annihilate Pakshi's robots. After Vaseegaran is delivered from ownership, Pakshi is lead to the space station where he is annihilated. 

Vaseegaran recuperates in the medical clinic and discloses to Vijay Kumar, who comes to see him, that he feels Pakshi Rajan was a temperate individual who turned into a casualty of the bad society. He additionally proposes we lessen and control PDA radiation and guarantee that innovation don't compromise the existences of the relative multitude of living animals on the planet. Chitti, presently reestablished to its unique rendition, starts a relationship with Nila. 

In a post-credits scene, Sana gets some information about the likelihood of cell phones flying once more. Quickly, Vaseegaran's versatile flies out of his hand and transforms into Kutti 3.0, saying, "I'm your grandson".

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