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Before long to-resign Detective Lieutenant William Somerset is collaborated with irascible however hopeful Detective David Mills, who has as of late moved to an anonymous huge city with his better half Tracy. In the wake of shaping a fellowship with Somerset, Tracy trusts to him that she is pregnant and still can't seem to tell Mills, as she is discontent with the city and feels it is no spot to bring up a kid. Somerset identifies, having had a comparable circumstance with his ex numerous years sooner, and encourages her to advise Mills just on the off chance that she intends to keep the youngster. 

Somerset and Mills research a bunch of murders propelled by the seven destructive sins: a beyond husky man compelled to eat until his stomach burst, addressing ravenousness, and a criminal safeguard lawyer killed subsequent to being compelled to cut a pound of tissue from himself, addressing insatiability. Hints at the homicide scenes lead them to a speculate's condo, where they track down a third casualty, a street pharmacist and kid molester, lashed to a bed, skinny and scarcely alive, addressing sloth. The third casualty is in basic condition and incapable to react to Somerset and Mills' scrutinizing. Every day photos of the person in question, assumed control longer than a year, show the wrongdoings were arranged far ahead of time. 

The analysts use library records to distinguish a John Doe and track him to his condo. Doe escapes and Mills gives pursue, during which Mills tumbles from an emergency exit and harms his arm. Plants look through a truck prior to being hit in the head with a tire iron. While Mills is crippled, Doe strolls up and holds him at gunpoint briefly prior to getting away. The loft contains many note pads uncovering Doe's psychopathy, just as a hint to another homicide. The criminal investigators show up after the expected time to stop a man constrained by Doe at gunpoint to kill a whore by assaulting her with a hand crafted, bladed lash on, addressing desire. The next day, they go to the location of a fifth casualty, a model whose face has been mangled by Doe; she was given the choice to call for help and live distorted or end it all by taking pills, and picked the last alternative, addressing pride. 

As Somerset and Mills return to the police headquarters, Doe out of the blue turns himself in, shrouded in the blood of a unidentified casualty. Doe offers to admit to his violations, yet just depending on the prerequisite that he escort Somerset and Mills to a mysterious area where the casualties addressing jealousy and fierceness are apparently covered, else he will argue madness. Somerset is vigilant, however Mills concurs. During the drive, Doe communicates his absence of regret for his wrongdoings, pronouncing that his casualties had the right to bite the dust, and maintains himself to be a saint picked by a higher ability to stun the world out of its condition of unresponsiveness. Doe additionally makes mysterious, compromising comments towards Mills, who keeps up with his conviction that Doe is essentially crazy. 

Doe's headings lead the analysts to a distant abandoned area. Minutes after their appearance, a conveyance van draws near. Factories holds Doe at gunpoint while Somerset goes to catch the driver, who says he was told to convey a crate to their directions. Somerset opens the crate and, in an unexpected frenzy, advises Mills to remain back. Doe uncovers that he, when all is said and done, addresses the wrongdoing of jealousy, as he begrudged Mills' existence with Tracy, and infers that the crate contains Tracy's beheaded head. He drives Mills, disclosing to him that Tracy asked for her life and the existence of her unborn kid, and responds with shock and pleasure when he understands Mills was unconscious that Tracy was pregnant. Notwithstanding Somerset's alerts, an angered Mills satisfies his own job as fury and shoots Doe lethally and more than once, finishing Doe's arrangement. Somerset and the police chief watch as the crushed Mills is removed. At the point when the chief asks where he'll be, Somerset says he will be near, inferring that he won't resign. In a voiceover, he then, at that point cites Hemingway: "Ernest Hemingway once composed 'The world is a fine spot and worth battling for.' I concur with the subsequent part."

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