Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana 2017 full Hindi movie download

Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana 2017 full Hindi movie download

Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana Full Hindi Movie Summary:
Hailing from a moderate family, Aarti Shukla (Kriti Kharbanda), a keen young lady from Kanpur, meets Satyendra Mishra (Rajkummar Rao), a representative in the Excise Department, on her folks' constancy who are attempting to fix an orchestrated marriage for her. Aarti tracks down Satyendra's off-customary perspectives beguiling, while Satyendra is entranced by Aarti's magnificence. Satyendra and Aarti choose to push ahead and the two of them experience passionate feelings for one another. The evening of marriage, Aarti comes to realize that she has cleared the PCS test. Aabha (Nayani Dixit) her sister cautions her that on the off chance that she gets hitched, her parents in law will not let her seek after the profession dreams that she has. On Abha's and maternal uncle Jogi's (Manoj Pahwa) incitement, Aarti chooses to flee from her home without educating Satyendra or his family. Satyendra is stunned to think about the occurrence and is left crushed. During the end, a battle ejects as Jogi powers Satyendra's family to return share cash. Satyendra consents to take care of which passes on his family to go through difficult situations with loss of face in the general public, and his mom Shanti being constrained offering all her adornments to reimburse cash to Aarti's family. 

After five years, Aarti who is presently a PCS Officer is effectively climbing in her vocation. She even assists her with dominating companion Neelam to find a new line of work in a similar office. Aarti is blamed for accepting kickbacks and suspended till her case is settled. During the examination, Aarti finds sadly that the official accountable for her case is Satyendra, who has now become an IAS Officer. She is stunned to discover the changed disposition and absence of compassion he has for her. All through the examination cycle, the proof Satyendra discovers inclines towards Aarti accepting hush money. He exacerbates the situation for Aarti by embarrassing and scrutinizing Aarti's intentions, to which she reacts by at long last separating and defies him secretly. Satyendra gives her a choice and requests the pay off, however Aarti affirms she doesn't have it. Aarti goes to Kukreja, the manufacturer, to ask him for the pay off cash, yet he reveals to her that he didn't take anything and that everybody definitely realizes she accepts hush money. The discussion that they have was really being recorded and as Satyendra watches it, he arranges that Aarti be captured for attempting to control the examination. 

During the preliminary, Satyendra replays the video that was recorded of Aarti and Kukreja, which keeps on playing after Aarti leaves the compound. It is uncovered in the video that there was a plot among Neelam and Kukreja to kill Aarti in view of the show that Satyendra and Aarti were causing for them. It is uncovered by Satyendra's clarification of the video that Kukreja, Neelam, and the intermediary Rakesh were companions and that they've been selling unused government land to organizations under Aarti's name. They had the option to in view of Neelam abusing Aarti's trust and by getting papers endorsed in her obliviousness. As the preliminary finishes, Aarti is observed to be honest and Kukreja, Neelam, and the dealer Rakesh are captured. Aarti is stunned to discover that Satyendra saved her life by sending her to jail and furthermore saved her from prison time by uncovering reality. 

Aarti realizes Satyendra actually adores her and later makes an honest effort to offer reparations to wed him, yet he won't wed her. Aarti at long last discloses to him that she will wed a forthcoming new lucky man, Sharad. Satyendra and his family are additionally welcome to the wedding. Upon the arrival of the wedding, Satyendra understands his adoration for Aarti and door collides with her wedding. It is uncovered that Sharad is her brother by marriage and that the wedding was just a show arranged by both the families to cause Satyendra to understand his actual sentiments. The film closes with Aarti and Satyendra's marriage.

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