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Street Dancer 3D Full Movie Summary:

Inder Singh Narula is an artist who drives a dance group named Street Dancer. Inder is first demonstrated to move at the Ground Zero Battle with his sibling Sahej Singh Narula applauding him, however while doing a flip trick, he arrives on his leg and harms it. Following two years, he is recuperating, yet can't move. Sahej structures Street Dancer again and changes over it into a studio through cash whose sources he is reluctant about uncovering. Poddy is one of Sahej's dear companions, alongside D and Sushi, who are all essential for Street Dancer. While showing the dance studio to the Street Dancer group, they run into Inayat Naazi, a Pakistani artist, and her group, the Rule Breakers, dance too. Sahej and Inayat have consistently been at stops against one another and they have a dance fight. The Rule Breakers beat Street Dancer, humiliating Sahej simultaneously. Inayat's cousin, Zain, takes her home. Their family is extremely standard and Inayat lies about her moving, concealing reality from them. 

Sahej visits the Royals, an unsurpassed, record-holding dance bunch that consistently wins the Ground Zero Competition. His better half, Mia is in the group, and she is a unimaginable artist. They talk about on how disturbed Sahej is by Inayat, and she quiets him down. Mia trains the Street Dancer group, giving them the flash they needed. The two groups get together in a café for a cricket match between India (Sahej's group) and Pakistan (Inayat's group). India wins and this prompts a dance fight where Mia shows her moves. The police and the eatery chief, Ram Prasad a.k.a. Anna control the battle. As they leave, Inayat sees some vagrants entering the eatery from the secondary passage. She follows them and meets Ram. He discloses to her that these are illicit migrants, and he takes care of them food that isn't utilized. He takes her to a space where numerous unlawful settlers dwell. He reveals to her that they can't return to their home as they have no cash. She gets passionate and starts to help them. 

One day when Poddy arrives at the party studio, he sees Sahej being examined by the cop. Sahej uncovers that when he went to India for his cousin's marriage, he met Amrinder Mehrotra and his three different companions playing drum in the marriage. He was dazzled by their ability. They demand Sahej to take them to London which he denies. After they offer an immense measure of 4 million he consents to take them to London. That is the way he got the cash to purchase the dance studio. Poddy vows to not advise it to anybody. 

The Ground Zero Battle returns. Inder requests that Sahej take part and win it. Inayat chooses to partake so they can utilize the cash to help the unlawful outsiders and Ram upholds her. The two packs meet and Ram says that on the off chance that they become one they can without much of a stretch success the opposition. In any case, the two of them deny the offer. Sahej intrigues the Royals with his dance at a dance club. He, D, Poddy and Sushi are chosen for the Royals. The two groups meet in the eatery once more. They have a contention, which winds up with Ram moving, exhibiting his capacity to Sahej. Sahej, dazed by his inner self, turns down the chance. Poddy is involved with Alisha, a young lady from Inayat's group. He understands that Inayat's pack are taking an interest in the Ground Zero Battle so they can recover them the prize cash which is a hundred thousand pounds to help unlawful foreigners and enlightens Sahej regarding it at the Royals dance studio. Sahej doesn't trust Poddy and a battle results between the two of them. This makes Poddy leave the Royals and he chooses to join the Rule Breakers. Inayat acknowledges Poddy into the group and different individuals from the Street Dancer group likewise understand left as Sahej invests his energy with the Royals. 

The first round of the opposition is effectively outperformed by both the Royals and the Rule Breakers. As Sahej, D and Shushi gets into a transport, they run into Amrinder. Amrinder reveals to Sahej that get-togethers dropped them off, they went to an inn. Around there, all unlawful foreigners were remaining and they were pursued by the police. Leaving his way of life as a Sikh and his identification, he and the three Punjabi drummers joined the vagrants. Inayat's pack were moving to help them. He asks Sahej for help however he leaves saying he doesn't have any acquaintance with him. 

The two groups outperform the quarter finals and go into semi-finals. Afterward, the Royals and Sahej are strolling in London. They run into the drummers where the head of the Royals, Marc, coincidentally breaks his drums. In the wake of seeing them, Sahej feels remorseful of his deeds. In the semi-last round, Sahej leaves the Royals and helps Inayat's posse win the round. He then, at that point stops the Royals, making's Mia extremely upset, and structures Street Dancer once more. 

Many practices happen, and afterward Inayat's family gets some answers concerning her moving activities. They forbid her from moving, stunning the group. Sahej and Zain go to her home, and persuade her family to let her dance. A relationship blooms among Sahej and Inayat as they get ready for the last round of the Ground Zero Battle. The Royals perform and stuns the group. Road Dancer performs and in their dance, an individual from the Royals remove the music. The host reveals to them that in case there is no music, they can't move. Amrinder then, at that point utilizes his drums with his companions to make music for them to move to. Marc discovers that his colleague removed the music and he asks to returns it to, since he would not like to swindle. Toward the finish of their dance, Sahej does the flip trick, which got his sibling harmed, perfectly. Making his sibling and his nation glad, Sahej gets Street Dancer to overcome the Royals and wins the opposition, likewise acquiring the Royals' regard. Eventually, Sahej and Inayat start a relationship as they help the migrants. 

Scenes during the credits uncover that Amrinder arrived at his home, while the remainder of the drummers acquire lawful citizenship of the UK. The film refers to S.W.A.T., a NGO working in the UK as its motivation.

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