Teddy 2021 720p 1080p 2160p 4K Download Watch Online

Teddy 2021 720p 1080p 2160p 4K Download Watch Online

Teddy 2021 Tamil Full Movie Summary:
Srividya, an undergrad helps an individual who confronted a mishap, consequently having her hand get injured. She is shipped off a clinic where she is given IV medicated to cause a misleadingly instigated trance state. Srividya awakening before long, is given the medication when her spirit moves to a teddy bear. Then again Shiva is an individual with photographic memory and an OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) that causes him to learn things quicker. After his mom Lakshmi and his companion advise him to meet a Psychiatrist Doctor named Priya, he goes for a meeting. After the meeting, Shiva's mom reveals to him she is locked in, however presently she dismissed the marriage. One evening, Shiva saves a youngster from a gathering of rowdies where Srividya considers him to be the Teddy Bear and they meet the following day. Shiva initially accepts he is insane however soon he comprehends that it's genuine. Srividya reveals to Shiva that she needs to see her beau Rishi, and when Sri and Shiva see him with another young lady, Srividya is heart broken. After Shiva and his companion take Srividya to her home, he sees Srividya's dad Purushottaman attempting to end it all, Shiva saves him. Srividya's mom demands him to discover her. Shiva makes a guarantee to discover their little girl. Srividya says thanks to Shiva for saving her dad. Shiva Srividya think about the approaches to discover her body that was moved from the medical clinic. 

Shiva sends the Teddy (he likewise gave a telephone to follow her) as a bundle with a standardized tag from the emergency clinic. Srividya is taken to Azerbaijan which was the last objective for the bundle with that specific standardized tag. Teddy utilizing a telephone of a bum took a selfie before an eatery and ship off Shiva through Facebook. Shiva chose to go Azerbaijan, so he sold his offers for movement costs. While voyaging he met Karthik who had been working in Azerbaijan for a very long time. Karthik upheld Shiva for discovering Teddy in the encompassing of that eatery in the selfie. Teddy spotted Shiva with the assistance of the bum and made to accept the story told by Shiva. They chose to look through Srividya in one of the massage parlor in that spot. There Teddy tracked down the very tattoo that she found in the possession of the bundle deliverer ,in the possession of individual there. 

Utilizing the pieces of information that given by that individual, Shiva acknowledged about the immense Medical trick that is, they had seized Srividya for her uncommon blood bunch live organs which used to fix the Billionaires. The fundamental con artist is Dr.Varadharajan, who grabbed many individuals like Srividya and tranquilized them to cause falsely incited extreme lethargies and removing their needed live organs which worth very much in their mysterious medical clinic in open country. Shiva and Teddy tracked down this load of Medical Mafias and with the assistance of the police he lawfully settled the case. Shiva saved Srividya, she became cognizant while the spirit in the Teddy left. Srividya can't recollect Shiva and his hard exertion he made to save her. They came India in a similar plane then Srividya met his folks with the bittersweet tears satisfaction. Shiva was extremely vexed and baffled and showed up with the Teddy. 

After one year, Srividya began following Shiva and took photographs of him, due to her some obscure sentiments (love) on him . Shiva understood that sentiments and they cherished one another and got hitched and had a glad existence. In the consummation when Srividya dozes on Shiva her spirit again moves into the teddy bear.

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