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Timothy "Tim" Templeton, an inventive 7-year-old kid, savors his folks' consideration and is astonished when another child sibling shows up. Child, whom Tim saw show up in a taxi, clad in formal attire, and conveying a folder case, acts ordinarily around the grown-ups, weeping for consideration and food and diapers the entire day and night. In any case, Tim, who is quickly developing desirous, sees Baby talking in a grown-up voice and acting like a grown-up at whatever point Mr. furthermore, Mrs. Templeton aren't looking. 

At some point, Baby holds a workforce conference with different little children and babies, under the pretense of a local play date. Timothy endeavors to record them on a tape, yet he is seen and pursued by Baby and his associates. The guardians consider this to be the kids playing in the yard. At the point when Baby annihilates one of Tim's most loved toys, Tim endeavors to slingshot him out a window, yet his folks stop him and he unintentionally slingshots the tape into the road, where a vehicle crushes it. Tim and Baby are grounded until they figure out how to get along. 

Child makes Tim suck an exceptional pacifier that permits them to see Baby Corp, where infants come from. Most infants go to families, yet the individuals who don't react to tickling are shipped off administration, where they are given a unique child recipe that permits them to think and act as grown-ups while staying youthful until the end of time. Child likewise clarifies he's on an extraordinary mission to find why the world's adoration for infants is being undermined recently by affection for young doggies, and went to the Templetons on the grounds that Tim's Parents work for Puppy Co. When his main goal is done, he will leave. Be that as it may, the young men catch Baby's bosses taking steps to fire him, should he fizzle. As that would mean Baby would need to remain with the Templetons and grow up, Tim and Baby consent to cooperate to forestall this. 

On Family Day, the Templetons take Tim and Baby with them to Puppy Co., where the young men slip away to explore. They are caught by Francis, the CEO of Puppy Co. Francis uncovers he was the Boss of Baby Corp once, however began to gradually grow up on the grounds that he was to some extent narrow minded to the equation. He was terminated and compelled to live with a hillbilly family, yet saved his sorcery pacifier. He takes Baby's equation, planning to utilize it to make a "Eternity Puppy" that never grows up or kicks the bucket, which will take all adoration from children and give him his retribution on BabyCorp. 

Francis whisks Tim's folks away to a gathering in Las Vegas, and passes on his sibling Eugene to watch the kids in the appearance of a female caretaker. Without the recipe, Baby starts to occasionally return to typical newborn child conduct. The young men, with assistance from the local babies, get away from Eugene and head to Las Vegas, where they discover Francis prepared to send a rocket of Forever Puppies out into the world. Mr. what's more, Mrs. Templeton speculate something isn't right when they hear their kids, and are secured under the rocket to be singed. Tim and Baby battle Francis on a raised walkway, professing to be privateers; they thump him into the tank of increased recipe, where he turns around into a child and is brought home by Eugene. Tim saves his folks, yet Baby goes totally childish and is abandoned on the rocket, which is going to dispatch. Tim sings a children's song, and Baby leaps to him and is resuscitated by the equation. 

Child is returned to Baby Corp and advanced, while all hints of him are deleted from the guardians' home and psyches. Be that as it may, he and Tim miss each other horrendously, and Tim at last welcomes Baby back, saying in case there is just love enough for one of them, Baby can have everything. Understanding that affection is something that develops, rather than being parted, Baby returns, this time as a typical newborn child kid named Theodore "Ted" Templeton. 

A long time later, a grown-up Tim and Ted recount the story to Tim's senior little girl, who is uneasy about the appearance of her new child sister. After the grown-ups leave, the infant young lady uncovers she is a Boss Baby, as well, energizing Tim's senior girl.

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