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In 2035, the team of the Ares III mission to Mars is investigating Acidalia Planitia on Martian sun based day (sol) 18 of their 31-sol campaign. An extreme residue storm takes steps to bring down their Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV). The mission is cleaned, however as the group empties, space traveler Mark Watney is struck by garbage. The telemetry from his suit's profile screen is harmed and Watney is assumed dead. With the MAV nearly bringing down, the excess team takes off for their circling vessel, the Hermes. 

Watney stirs after the tempest, harmed and with a low-oxygen cautioning. He gets back to the group's surface natural surroundings ("Hab") and treats his injury. As Watney recuperates, he starts a video journal. Incapable to speak with Earth, his lone possibility of salvage is the following Mars mission. In four years, the Ares IV will land 3,200 kilometers (2,000 mi) away at the Schiaparelli cavity. Watney's quick concern is food; being a botanist, he makes a nursery inside the Hab utilizing Martian soil treated with the team's profile waste and makes water from extra rocket fuel. He then, at that point cuts up and plants entire potatoes planned for an uncommon event. He additionally starts altering the wanderer for the excursion to the Ares IV MAV site. 

On Earth, NASA satellite organizer Mindy Park, exploring satellite pictures, sees moved hardware and acknowledges Watney is alive. NASA chief Teddy Sanders delivers the news to people in general, however chooses to not tell the Ares III group so they will stay zeroed in on their main goal, over flight chief Mitch Henderson's solid protest. 

Watney takes the wanderer on a one-month excursion to recover the Pathfinder test, which fell quiet in 1997. Utilizing Pathfinder's camera and engine, he builds up visual contact with NASA. NASA sends a product fix to connect the meanderer with Pathfinder, empowering correspondence by text. Sanders at long last permits Henderson to advise Watney's crewmates. 

Mars missions chief Vincent Kapoor and Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) chief Bruce Ng set up a space test to convey sufficient nourishment for Watney to make due until Ares IV's appearance. Notwithstanding, the Hab's airtight chamber smothers, presenting the Hab to the brutal Martian climate; the potato plants all kick the bucket. Presently, to save time, Sanders arranges the normal wellbeing reviews be avoided. His bet falls flat, and the rocket detonates before long takeoff. 

The China National Space Administration has fostered a mysterious supporter rocket, the Taiyang Shen. The choice is made to offer the rocket to resupply Watney. Be that as it may, JPL astrodynamicist Rich Purnell devises an elective arrangement: have the Taiyang Shen rendezvous with and resupply the Hermes, which will then, at that point utilize Earth's gravity to "slingshot" back to Mars two years sooner than Ares IV. Sanders dismisses the thought, considering it excessively dangerous for the Hermes group. Henderson secretly sends Purnell's proposition to the team; they collectively vote to carry out it without looking for NASA endorsement, incapacitating NASA's controllers and making the direction shift. Sanders is compelled to help them freely, however requests Henderson resign subsequently. 

Watney starts the 90-sol excursion to Schiaparelli, where the MAV for Ares IV has been pre-situated. He should utilize it to meet with the Hermes, yet it should be eased up extensively. After departure, when the MAV runs out of fuel, its speed comparative with the Hermes is excessively extraordinary for Watney to be gotten. Leader Lewis rapidly make do, utilizing a hazardous to break a forward isolated space, bringing about air getting away savagely and dialing back the Hermes. It is as yet insufficient; utilizing a fastened Manned Maneuvering Unit, Lewis can't arrive at Watney. Watney punctures his pressing factor suit, utilizing the getting away from air to impel himself to Lewis, finishing his 543 sols alone on Mars. 

In the wake of getting back to Earth, Watney turns into an endurance teacher for space traveler applicants. After five years, as the Ares V is going to dispatch, those engaged with Watney's salvage are found in their present lives.

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