The Suicide Squad 2021 720p 1080p 2160p 4K Download Gdrive Watch Online

The Suicide Squad 2021 720p 1080p 2160p 4K Download Gdrive Watch Online

The Suicide Squad 2021 Full Movie Summary:

Compelled from insight official Amanda Waller, thirteen prisoners from Belle Reve prison—previous therapist Harley Quinn; man-eating half and half Nanaue; Australian criminal Captain Boomerang; hired gunman Bloodsport; brutal fanatic Peacemaker; metahumans T.D.K. also, Polka-Dot Man; PC programmer Savant; soldier of fortune Blackguard; previous Olympic competitor Javelin; outsider hero Mongal; rodent controlling burglar Ratcatcher 2; and savage humanoid Weasel—are "enlisted" as Task Force X to annihilate Jötunheim, a Nazi-period jail and research center in the South American island country of Corto Maltese that holds political detainees and a site for mysterious analyses. The group have touchy gadgets in their skulls, which can be exploded at any second on the off chance that they neglect to follow Waller's orders.The Suicide Squad 2021 

Driven by Waller's subordinate Colonel Rick Flag, Harley, Boomerang, T.D.K., Mongal, Javelin, Blackguard, Weasel, and Savant are conveyed on a Corto Maltese sea shore to penetrate the lab. Weasel obviously suffocates, while Blackguard endeavors to double-cross the group to the Corto Maltese military yet is shot dead. Mongal is scorched alive when she crashes a helicopter, and Boomerang passes on when he's hit by trash from the helicopter. T.D.K. furthermore, Javelin are shot dead, as well; Waller explodes Savant's touchy gadget when he attempts to escape in a frenzy. Harley and Flag are left as the main survivors. 

Banner passes on Harley to be caught by the military while he get away. In the mean time, Bloodsport, Nanaue, Ratcatcher 2, Polka-Dot Man, and Peacemaker are conveyed on another sea shore where they salvage Flag and persuade an agitator group known as the Freedom Fighters drove by protester Sol Soria to unite and kill Corto Maltese's despot Silvio Luna to obliterate Jötunheim. Harley is taken to Luna's royal residence where he proposes to Harley, seeing her as an enemy of American image. In any case, when he later discloses his arrangements to utilize Jötunheim to rebuff political nonconformists, including tormenting their youngsters, Harley shoots and kills him. She is consequently captured for the homicide and tormented by his men. The crew captures The Thinker, a hyper-clever metahuman who fills in as Jötunheim's central researcher, and discovers that Harley is alive and being cross examined by Luna's replacement, General Mateo Suarez.

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