Thittam Irandu 2021 720p 1080p 2160p 4K Download Gdrive Watch Online

Thittam Irandu 2021 720p 1080p 2160p 4K Download Gdrive Watch Online

Thittam Irandu (2021) Tamil Full Movie Summary:

Athira, a cop in Chennai, meets Arjun, a trying entertainer, during a transport travel. The two of them start a relationship and choose to wed each other inevitably. At some point, Athira is called to research her closest companion Deepa Surya's missing case. Surya was hitched to Kishore, a specialist. Introductory examinations point that Surya and her vehicle disappeared from her home. Before adequately long, Athira tracks down the torched vehicle and a consumed female skeleton inside it. The post-mortem examination reports show that the skeleton has a place with Surya and the case is accepted to be a monstrosity mishap. Nonetheless, Athira has solid doubts of it being a homicide. She finds fingerprints on the consumed vehicle, having a place with one Barani, who is likewise a suspect in another fundamentally the same as murder case. Barani is seized, and he admits that both Surya and the other killed lady were his exes who demolished his life, so he needed to get retribution. While tolerating that he prevailed with regards to killing the other lady, Barani additionally says the endeavor to kill Surya was thwarted in view of a more abnormal he saw inside her home that day. It is shown that Barani had left his fingerprints incidentally on Surya's vehicle during the fight with the more interesting, who drove him out of the house. 

While Athira and Arjun's wedding courses of action are being arranged, Athira is constantly engrossed with Surya's case. Further confirmations lead Athira to reevaluate Surya's body. The case takes a strange turn when, this time around, the pathologist reports that the casualty isn't Surya, the whole mishap has been organized, and the past reports were phony. Athira's doubt currently emphatically falls on Kishore. When addressed, Kishore says that Surya was powerfully hitched to him by her folks yet she was infatuated with another person. Pondering both of their future and joy, Kishore sends Surya off to be with her beau. To keep away from doubts from her folks and companions, he organized Surya's demise with the assistance of his companions and faked the examination reports taking advantage of his leverage as a specialist. He shows Athira a video evidence of Surya living cheerfully with her beau yet will not reveal their area for security purpose. 

To affirm this story, Athira shows the video of Surya and her sweetheart to Barani. Yet, amazingly enough, Barani says that this isn't the man he found in Surya's home, which prompts further disarrays with regards to who the secret man was. It is then uncovered that the secret man at Surya's home was Arjun. Uninformed of this, Athira is as yet watching out, when she gets an instant message from Surya requesting to meet her face to face. Athira goes looking for Surya and Arjun additionally follows along. At the point when she arrives at the area, Surya is no place to be seen, and Athira look through the spot. She is shocked when Kishore and shared companions of Athira and Surya stand up to her out of nowhere. Adventitiously, Barani discovers YouTube recordings vidoes of Arjun from his acting days and advises Athira that this was the man he saw. Athira is embarrassed and thinks about what is happening, when Arjun uncovers a stunning truth, that he is as a matter of fact Surya herself. Kishore then, at that point clarifies that Surya was consistently a transsexual man from adolescence. He was drawn to ladies and was keen on turning into a man, yet had to cover his character and was powerfully offered. After their wedding, Surya blasts out to Kishore about this issue and tells that he was consistently infatuated with Athira, his solitary companion. He even avoided Barani's proposition since he had considered him just as a companion, however Barani confused his fellowship with adoration because of Surya's sexual orientation personality. Surya communicates his desire to live as a man. Kishore turns into a getting companion and assists him with managing the circumstance and supports in his change as a man. Surya goes through the essential strategies and effectively changes into Arjun, a man. What's more, this was the genuine motivation behind why Kishore and his companions had organized the mishap as a concealment. Arjun tells the truth to Athira and requests that she acknowledge his adoration for her, as a man. Athira is overpowered at the abrupt development and pitiably leaves without an answer. Notwithstanding his endeavors to persuade her, she removes all contacts with Arjun for some time and attempts to handle this mammoth disclosure. After one year, she meets with Arjun with a solution to his proposition, yet the watchers are left hanging regarding what her choice would have been.

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