Bhale Bhale Magadivoy 2015 Full Movie Download In Hindi Dubbed Telugu 720p and 480p

Bhale Bhale Magadivoy 2015 Full Movie Download In Hindi Telugu 720p and 480p

Bhale Bhale Magadivoy 2015 Full Movie Summary:

Lucky is an oblivious junior botanist who is quickly flustered by different undertakings while dealing with his flow research. His dad orchestrates his marriage with the little girl of Panduranga Rao, a senior botanist. Rao chooses to break the union in the wake of finding out with regards to Lucky's state of mind and cautions him not to show up once more. En route to give blood to his chief, Lucky experiences passionate feelings for Nandana, a kuchipudi dance instructor, and gets redirected. He makes a positive impression by accidentally giving blood to one of her understudies. 

In their continuous gatherings, Lucky keeps failing to remember things, (for example, going out without his shoes, parting with his motorbike keys to a poor person, and so forth), however figures out how to conceal this inadequacy from Nandana by asserting he is a donor. He is unconscious of the way that Nandana is Rao's girl, the young lady whom he should wed previously. Rao's companion's child Ajay, a police examiner, likewise falls head over heels for Nandana, while she is sitting tight for Lucky's proposition. At the point when he attempts to propose on her birthday, Lucky winds up taking Nandana's pregnant sister-in-law, who is encountering work torments, to a close by emergency clinic. After the conveyance, Nandana proposes to Lucky, and they become a couple. 

Nandana illuminates Lucky that her dad has acknowledged their proposition and needs to meet him. Fortunate and Rao meet as outsiders when Rao affronts Lucky after an episode with a young lady who was going to fall into a lake. Fortunate later understands that Nandana is Rao's girl and escapes. Fortunate and Nandana plan to meet later. Fortunate makes a companion of his posture as Nandana's sweetheart, and joins Rao as a student. 

At the point when Nandana's family members go to the naming service of the new conceived kid, Rao's nephew accepts that Lucky's companion is her expected darling, and all the others accept Lucky is Nandana's admirer. Rao's nephew turns out to be additionally confounded when Lucky visits a wiped out Nandana to invest some quality energy with her. Days after the fact, Rao needs Lucky to accompany Nandana and her family members to Srisailam. Fortunate, driving, misses a turn and arrives at the edges of Bangalore. He takes them to a close by sanctuary and clarifies that it is an extremely exceptional and generally huge sanctuary. 

Ajay, who is befuddled with regards to the character of Nandana's sweetheart (as Lucky and his companion continue changing spots relying upon who is around right now) figures out how to get a video of Lucky romancing Nandana. At the point when they all show up back home, Ajay uncovers Lucky's state of mind to Nandana, and they separate. Upon the arrival of Nandana's commitment with Ajay, Rao, who has become mindful of the genuineness of Lucky's adoration, encourages her to pick Lucky over Ajay. At the point when Ajay makes it clear he means to wed Nandana forcibly, Rao provokes Lucky to stop it, this time without neglecting. 

Rao meets Lucky and uncovers that he has known about his adoration for Nandana since the second she and Lucky met at the emergency clinic, and that, from that point forward, he has been watching to perceive what Lucky's amnesia may mean for his relationship with Nandana. Fortunate visits the sanctuary where the marriage is planned to happen yet winds up neglecting, rather purchasing a lemon pop. In any case, this ends up being a stunt, as he needs to bait Ajay's partners in crime into an incorrect feeling that all is well with the world. He arrives at the first marriage scene (really an aluminum plant) on schedule with assistance from Ajay's partners in crime and casually marries Nandana there after a duel with Ajay. 

After seven days, Rao visits Nandana and Lucky, a wedded couple, who disclose to him that Lucky's condition has been worked on post marriage. During their discussions, Rao says that Ajay has been absent for a week and his dad is concerned. Fortunate recalls that he attached Ajay with a rope at the plant. At the point when he arrives at the spot, and Ajay inquires as to why he didn't deliver him, Lucky answers, "Sorry chief, I neglected!".

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