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The film opens with a Hindu expulsion custom in Varanasi and a Muslim expulsion custom in Kerala. 

Medha, a writer leaves her news office while conversing with her mom who is at an ashram. While driving home, A.C.P. M. Sathyajith is brought in to explore a homicide, because of a skull being found in a sack from a stream. Measurable investigation uncovers that the homicide was submitted longer than a year prior and the skull has a place with a female matured 25–30 years. The character of the expired is then looked for. The dental inserts on the skull, demonstrate that the casualty was a female named Eva Maria, who was from a rich family and that her dad had left her a fortune before his passing. The police explore her area and follows her family. Her stepmother discloses to him that she had hitched a North Indian and stayed antagonized from them for some time and that during the Easter of 2019, her dad met her and perhaps fixed up things between them. The police likewise discover that all the land that Eva had acquired was unobtrusively offered to an untouchable. 

Then again, Eva's soul attempts to contact Medha, a writer right now looking for help for her girl's guardianship case from Advocate Haritha, who is likewise a companion of Medha, as Eva's soul needs Medha's assistance. Medha takes the assistance of a clairvoyant cum mysterious analyst, Zara Zacchai, who reveals to her the name of the spirit as Eva Maria and Medha with the assistance of Advocate Haritha (who was Eva's attorney for her separation case) and Asif, a partner begins her own examination in equal, ignorant that the Police are exploring the situation. 

Sathyajith later meets Eva's ex and discovers that he was somewhere down under water due to his separation continuing as he needed to return 2.5 Crore that he had before acquired from Eva to begin his own creation house. This obligation was settled by his presently father-in-law who is the proprietor of the media house where Medha works. Sathyajith follows Eva's last known area to a functioning ladies' lodging and through numerous observers presumes that she was most recently seen in September 2019 which is the time of her passing. Notwithstanding, her telephone was dynamic till April 2020 and her Facebook account showed pictures posted in Varanasi till April 2020. He then, at that point follows a rundown of vacationers who because of the lockdown were brought to the home state by an uncommon government transport administration. He discovers Eva's name in that rundown and infers that a faker was posting pictures and sending messages to her companions so nobody reports her missing. In the interim, the dental guide who assisted them with the dental inserts on the skull, reveals to him that at some point back they had recuperated a human hand in Tamil Nadu and this could connection to this case. On examination, it is tracked down that the hand had a place with Eva and had strands of hair that may have a place with the killer. 

During the examination, Sathyajith discovers that Medha is likewise looking for reality. While they are examining each other's discoveries, Sathyajith gets a call from his uncle who had seen the impersonator for Eva while getting back from Varanasi. Every one of the bits of the riddle fit into the spot and Sathyajith identifies that the executioner is in all honesty Advocate Haritha. Haritha was neck-somewhere down paying off debtors when she was taking care of Eva's case. Her dad kicked the bucket when a land project was mid-way in development and she fears if the undertaking isn't conveyed inside a month's time frame she might be captured. One day she takes Eva home on the affection of working her out of her despondency and chokes her to death. Haritha then, at that point dismantles Eva's body, stores it in the cooler, and later dissipates the pieces. She then, at that point makes counterfeit records accepting that Eva's personality and auctions Eva's legacy and reestablishes her dad's business, She takes Eva's telephone to Varanasi and posts the photos on Facebook, after which she tosses Eva's telephone into the waterway. She later sheets a unique government transport administration for the outing back to Kerala. 

Presently cautioned, Haritha goes to Medha's home to tidy up the proof. While she was there alone, she sees the very fridge that she had used to store Eva's remaining parts and afterward, Haritha is killed when the cooler detonates. In the last scenes, we see Medha saying she was directly about her convictions that the cooler was moved by Eva's spirit. Sathyajith discloses to her that there would consistently be a contention among confidence and rationale, as a cop he can just depend on rationale and terms this occurrence as a remarkable mishap. Later at Medha's hereditary house, her dead sister's image breaks into pieces after Medha plays the radio making ready for a spin-off.

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