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Rani Kashyap, a housewife, is outside her home, taking care of canines, when her home abruptly detonates, apparently killing her better half, Rishab "Rishu" Saxena. The police discover a body scorched to the point of being unrecognizable, with a cut off hand which Kashyap distinguishes as Rishu's. The film shifts back and forth between the past (described in flashback) and the present; the truth of the blast is interlaced with the police examination going on in the present-day. 

A flashback uncovers the orchestrated marriage between the two, where he succumbed to her immediately, while she wedded him simply because her sweetheart had deserted her. There remain pressures and clumsiness between her, Rishu and his family after the marriage. To add to the strained air, an apprehensive Rishu neglects to perfect. The following day, he catches her revealing to her folks about his inability to have intercourse. Hurt, he quits recognizing her totally and their connection diminishes. His very much assembled and enchanting cousin Neel Tripathi approaches visit, and Kashyap gets drawn to him. They accordingly start a relationship and have intercourse. She falls head over heels and even figures out how to cook sheep, in spite of being a veggie lover. Some time later, she reveals to him that she might want to wed him all things being equal. A responsibility phobic Tripathi frenzies and flees. Hurt, she exclaims reality to Rishu. He fosters a detesting for her yet shields her from other people who reprimand her activities. 

In the mean time, in present-day, the police, mindful of the set of experiences among Kashyap and Rishu, is persuaded that she and Tripathi arranged and killed Rishu. They use polygraphs and different procedures to discover her rationale. They discover film where Tripathi can be seen getting away from the house, minutes before the blast. They additionally discover her undermining one of the polygraphs by controlling her circulatory strain. 

Back before, after she comes clean with Rishu, he changes into a perverted person and purposely makes actual mischief her on different occasions. Having gone gaga for him, she bears everything, as apology. Over the long haul, they accommodate and become cozy. 

Portraying the occasions of the day-of-blast, she tells the police that Tripathi approached visit and got into a contention with them. Rishu, consequently, needing to settle things with him, requested that Kashyap stand by outside. The blast happened before long. The police, realize that she is lying, however neglect to discover any proof or misdeed in her polygraph. She is in this manner vindicated and leaves the police headquarters smiling. 

It is uncovered that when Tripathi came over, he attempted to extort them utilizing Kashyap's sex tapes. Irritated by this, Rishu assaulted him, and, in the resulting battle, Kashyap hit Tripathi's head with the lamb leg, killing him. Not having any desire to be imprisoned, they dress the crime location with Rishu removing his own hand and setting it close to Tripathi's body. They rig the gas oven to explode and Rishu leaves through the secondary passage, dressed as Tripathi. Kashyap goes out and gets the lamb leg slashed, which she later feeds to the canines. The blast happens and conceals their proof of homicide. 

After five years, the police overseer, while leaving town purchases a duplicate of a homicide thrill ride book that Kashyap had discussed on numerous occasions in her assertion. Perusing the book, he understands the genuine story however can at this point don't do anything about it. The consummation shows the couple rejoining, Rishu without an arm.

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