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Suruli is a criminal from Madurai who runs a parotta eatery. Because of his hooligan like conduct, he can't discover a lady of the hour and in any event, when his marriage is fixed, the lady flees when she gets some answers concerning his criminal foundation. His reputation goes to the consideration of an Englishman named John, who is an on the right track hand man of a London-based racial oppressor wear named Peter Sprott. John offers £2,00,000 each week to Suruli in the event that he works for Peter against an adversary wear Sivadoss, who is Peter's chief enemy and has impressive impact among London's Tamil-talking populace. Suruli acknowledges the proposal with the expectation to utilize the cash to ultimately settle down and surrender his crimes, and leaves for London. 

In London, Suruli dives deeper into Sivadoss and his posse just as their exercises which include sneaking weapons from struggle ridden nations in return for cash. Peter's pack, driven by Suruli and John, strike Sivadoss' boat yard where the pirating is in measure under Sivadoss' right-hand man Rajan. During the strike, Suruli kills Rajan too. Sivadoss and his pack understand that Suruli is liable for killing Rajan and grab him. Suruli and Sivadoss haggle to kill Peter under the trick of welcoming him for a "harmony talk" to end their quarrel, in return for £6,00,000 just as a parotta café in London. Yet, during the "harmony talk", Suruli double-crosses Sivadoss and hands over an aruval to Peter, who utilizes it to hack Sivadoss to death. As an award for Sivadoss' passing, Peter offers Suruli an assigned region in London to begin his business and permit Tamils to live there, and initiates the region "Little Madurai". 

In the interim, Suruli becomes hopelessly enamored with Attila, a Sri Lankan Tamil vocalist. At the point when he at first methodologies Attila, she uncovers that she is a widow with a seven-year-old child named Dheeran. Notwithstanding, she before long responds Suruli's sentiments. While out on the town at a recreation center, they are assaulted by Sivadoss' excess associates Deepan and Dharani, who have committed to render retribution on Suruli for selling out Sivadoss. Deepan shoots Suruli, leaving him fundamentally injured. Nonetheless, he before long figures out how to recuperate under Attila's consideration. In any case, at some point, he sees her infusing a strange medication into his trickle pack with the goal to kill him. When faced, Attila uncovers why she needs to kill him. 

Attila, Dheeran and Attila's sibling (who is Dheeran's dad) are the solitary overcomers of an ethereal assault on their town in Sri Lanka during the Sri Lankan Civil War. At an evacuee camp, they are persuaded by Sivadoss' assistant to join Sivadoss' pack, who might assist them with moving to London as far as anyone can tell spouse, wife and youngster and are offered counterfeit identifications. Coming, Attila's sibling is gotten and tossed into Peter's private jail, which is utilized to hold exiles and other illicit settlers, however Attila and Dheeran securely come to London. Attila further uncovers that Sivadoss was associated with pirating with the goal to utilize the cash to help the illicit workers and displaced people from all nations monetarily and legitimately, and was intending to battle for her sibling's delivery too. Sivadoss, on catching wind of Suruli's adoration for Attila, chosen to offer him assurance and get him hitched to Attila. Yet, because of Sivadoss' passing, the cash to battle for the migrants' privileges had evaporated, and Attila's sibling gets no opportunity of being delivered from jail thus. Subsequently, Attila had arranged the experience in the recreation center between Suruli, Deepan and Dharani with the expectation to kill Suruli, however she actually saved him because of her affection for him. Suruli likewise finds out with regards to a bill forthcoming in the British parliament called BICORE, whose design is intended for confining movement and is being moved by Peter and a couple of different administrators. Whenever passed, the greater part of the displaced people and illicit settlers would be ousted or tossed into jails, which would help Peter. On hearing this, Suruli has a shift in perspective and chooses to help Attila, Deepan and Dharani in their battle against Peter and BICORE. With the assistance of Deepan and Dharani, he figures out how to recuperate the cash which Sivadoss had obtained for the migrants, and this cash is utilized to deliver a portion of the settlers, including Attila's sibling. Suruli and Attila continue their relationship. 

In the interim, Peter requests that Suruli travel to Birmingham to kill Andrews, a pastor who is against BICORE. Suruli understands that Peter needs him to kill Andrews so his demise can be accused on an outsider, and accordingly BICORE would acquire uphold and be passed in Parliament. He won't kill Andrews. In retaliation, Peter, John and their men assault Little Madurai and, all the while, kill Suruli's dear companion Murugesan. With no other choice, Suruli's acknowledges Peter's requests and leaves for Birmingham. Nonetheless, during the excursion, Suruli, Deepan and Dharani kill John and head for Peter's house all things being equal. They figure out how to stifle Peter's thugs and barge into Peter's room. Notwithstanding Deepan and Dharani needing to kill Peter, Suruli rules against it and rather moves Peter to a distant land between the Afghanistan–Iran line. Suruli, Deepan and Dharani then, at that point obliterate all confirmation of Peter's British citizenship, offer him a phony identification from the "Republic of Mattuthavani", and leave him there to live as a stateless evacuee for eternity.

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