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RK is a movie producer, making another film, in which he additionally plays the lead character of Mahboob. Its a curious film, similar to an accolade for the film of the sixties. Individuals near him are not quite certain why RK needs to make this film.. Alter starts and RK fears that this film won't meet up, that this time he has truly messed up. His bad dreams caution him of an approaching debacle. Adequately sure, one evening RK gets a call from the alter room-something horrendous has occurred. Mahboob has fled, run out of the film. It's not possible for anyone to truly comprehend for what reason would he leave, where might he go. Yet, he isn't there any longer in the surges missing from the film negative too. The truth of the matter is Mahboob was fleeing from his executioners, and some way or another he left the film and showed up in our reality. RK discovers him, brings him home-yet Mahboob has no clue about where he is from, or that he is any unique in relation to individuals around him. Gradually, he is told. They should persuade him to return to the film, so RK can complete his film.

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