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Set 40 years after the occasions of the first film,[4] Tim Templeton is presently completely developed and lives with his significant other Carol and their two girls, 7-year-old Tabitha and baby Tina. Tim's more youthful sibling Ted Jr. is presently a fruitful CEO and is never near, rather sending rich gifts to Tim and his family. Tabitha is showing more adult conduct, and one evening while a debilitate Tim ponders about the individual his little girl is becoming, he hears something from Tina's room. He finds that Tina is a Boss Baby, similarly as Ted used to be, and that she has been appointed to get Ted there for a unique mission. Tim won't call, saying that he won't ever come, and urges Tina to return to rest. Notwithstanding, Tina leaves a phony voice message for Ted, attracting him to the Templeton's home. 

The following morning Ted shows up and Tim attempts to disclose to him that Tina is a Boss Baby and Ted simply doesn't recall that he was one, as well. Tina uncovers herself as a Boss Baby to Ted and gives them both sorcery pacifiers to visit BabyCorp. Tina acquaints the siblings with another equation that will permit them to turn around into youngsters for 48 hours to go secret to Tabitha's school and sort out what Dr. Erwin Armstrong, originator and head of the school, is arranging despite guardians' good faith. 

At the school, Tim, presently as his 7-year-old self, follows Tabitha to her group while child Ted is set with different infants. Ted mobilizes the children to assist him with escaping the den so he can go to Armstrong's office to examine. Tim attempts to get shipped off the foremost's office also by disturbing class, however is rather placed in "The Box" for break. Ted finds that Armstrong is really a child himself, having pursued away from home understanding that he was more astute than his folks and presently brings in cash by making famous telephone applications. His definitive arrangement is to dispose of each parent on B-Day, so they can't guide their youngsters any longer. In the wake of being not able to get tightly to BabyCorp and seeing that the siblings are indeed floating separated, Tina makes a demonstration of stopping and says that they will finish the actual mission. 

The evening of the occasion exhibition, where Tabitha should sing a performance, the siblings and Tina plan to uncover Armstrong as a fake. Notwithstanding, they discover that B-Day is set to happen that evening through Armstrong's new application, QT-Snap, which will mesmerize the guardians into careless zombies. Both Tim and Ted are gotten by Armstrong's ninja babies and are placed in The Box, which gradually begins to load up with water. Tabitha sings her performance, yet when she sees that Tim has not displayed as he guaranteed, she runs off the stage crying. She is supported by Tina, who uncovers her character and her main goal. Tabitha consents to help her more youthful sister by getting to the worker and closing down QT-Snap before it can go around the world. Ted can call Precious, Tabitha's pet horse, into the school, as she breaks them out of The Box. 

Tim and Ted arrive at the worker first, however they are halted by Armstrong, who calls the zombie guardians for reinforcement. While the siblings keep them down as the recipe begins to wear off, Tina and Tabitha get up to the worker. Tabitha can hack in and pull up the closure screen, however the console is obliterated by Armstrong. The sisters then, at that point set off a sweets spring of gushing lava utilizing Mentos and pop, obliterating the workers and turning all guardians back to typical. Tina then, at that point uncovers that she never quit BabyCorp and that bringing Tim and Ted back together was her actual mission. The entire Templeton family assembles to observe Christmas, while Armstrong gets back to his own family.

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