The Dark Side of Dhaka 2021 Full Movie Download or Watch Online In Bangla 480p 720p 1080p
The Dark Side of Dhaka 2021 Full Movie Download or Watch Online In Bangla 480p 720p 1080p

The Dark Side of Dhaka 2021 Full Movie Summary:

A little more than 10 years prior, in 2008, practically 50% of the world's all out populace used to live in metropolitan regions. This marvel has proceeded and is relied upon to acquire further force in future. As per United Nations (UN), it is projected that the world metropolitan populace will increment by 72% by 2050, from 3.6 billion out of 2011 to 6.3 billion out of 2050 of which most of the populace will be amassed in the metropolitan spaces of the less created regions.The Dark Side of Dhaka 2021. 

Urban communities, for example, London or New York in created nations have had exceptionally sluggish development somewhere in the range of 1970 and 2011, contrasted and urban communities in the creating scene. India, for instance, as of now has three megacities (Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata) and with the expansion of Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad, India is relied upon to have six by 2020. The nation will have the biggest centralization of megacities on the planet. This gives one a thought of the pressing factor of populace development in urban communities of creating countries.In the 1970s, there were just two megacities with a populace of in excess of ten million. As of now, 9.9 percent of the world metropolitan populace lives in 23 megacities. The number is projected to increment to 37 of every 2025 when they are relied upon to oblige 13.6 percent of the world metropolitan populace. The quantity of individuals living in megacities has expanded practically ten times in the beyond 40 years, from 39.5 million of every 1970 to 359.4 million out of 2011, and could twofold again by 2025 (UN 2012). Curiously, the biggest expansion in metropolitan populace among now and 2050 is relied upon to be packed in Asia and Africa.The idea of megacity advanced toward the finish of the 20th century to depict the huge metropolitan agglomerations of the world. Scarcely any irregularities exist in writing in regards to the populace edge used to characterize a megacity. For instance, Mitchell characterizes a megacity as having a populace surpassing 1,000,000, while others have utilized a 5,000,000 or a 8,000,000 populace limit. Most substantial definition is given by the UN (2003): a megacity is a conurbation that houses ten million individuals or more; which is broadly acknowledged these days.

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