Vikramadithyan 2014 Full Movie Download In Hindi Malaylam 720p and 480p

Vikramadithyan 2014 Full Movie Download In Hindi Malaylam 720p and 480p

Vikramadithyan 2014 Full Movie Summary:

Kunjunni Menon (Santhosh Keezhattoor), a clever cheat, loves Lakshmi (Lena), a police constable. While following her one day, he discovers that she wishes to wed a cop. Vasudeva Shenoy (Anoop Menon), Laksmi's associate communicates his longing to wed her, regardless of his mom's complaints. Kunjunni acts like a police constable and figures out how to wed Lakshmi before Shenoy can persuade his mom. Shenoy then, at that point gets hitched and both the couples are honored with child young men on a similar day.Vikramadithyan 2014 Full Movie Download 

In the present, Shenoy's child Vikram (Unni Mukundan) has turned into a SI and proposes to his cherished companion Deepika (Namitha Pramod) seven days prior to joining. Lakshmi's child Adithyan (Dulquer Salmaan), who has been absent for a couple of years, gets back to town simultaneously. The story then, at that point continues into a progression of flashbacks.Lakshmi discovers that Kunjunni had conned her yet they claim to have a friendly marriage. A youthful Adithyan be that as it may, in any case accepts his dad to be a cop. He and Vikram become rivals in school and begin contending with one another, betting that the failure should show respect for the champ, a propensity they then, at that point convey into adulthood. Adithyan consistently winds up losing. One day Kunjunni is found in the act by Shenoy and his group while endeavoring a robbery and is strutted half-bare through the road. An upset Adithyan and companions watch the scene. Unfit to confront his child and censured by Lakshmi, Kunjunni arrives at an extension. Kunjunni was discovered dead underneath the extension the following day. Vikram grows up into a persevering young fellow while Adithyan turns out to be very sluggish and does frivolous criminal operations to acquire some pocket cash. Adithyan and Deepika experience passionate feelings for while Deepika and Vikram stay dear companions. When the pair passes their certificates, both choose to apply for the SI choice test. However the two offer a solid competition, Shenoy is angry towards Adithyan. Adithyan outclasses Vikram in the starter round which disturbs Shenoy. Vikram in any case, recognizes Adithyan's predominant mind showing his profound regard for his adversary. Shenoy can trap Adithyan in an opiates case and frantic to put him in the slammer, he monitors the proof actually.

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