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A fan fiction of Edgar Allan Poe’s dark poem “The Raven” and a mind-bending thriller based on the gothic horror backdrop, “Raven’s Hollow” is a fairly decent attempt at horror storytelling by Christopher Hatton. Similarly, the film follows Cadet Poe’s journey to find some answers, like in his poetic horror world, where he questions a raven that enters his room. The core of the movie is the gruesome presentation of how Cadet Poe (William Moseley) and his partners encounter death after death on their journey from a murder investigation in the ruined town of “Raven’s Hollow,” carrying the omen of a surreal myth. So, let’s see how Edgar Allan Poe got his inspiration for the timeless poem, which is shown in this movie in a fictional way.Raven’s Hollow 2022 Movie Downloa

The story carries an appalling mood right from the start, as it begins in a thick, dark forest with a narrow path crowded with fallen leaves as a little girl returns to her home, but something follows her that forces the girl to leave quickly. She looks back and sees a bunch of leaves following her like a whirlwind. The scared girl runs to her house, but the bunch of leaves enters her mouth like a flock of birds, penetrating her, leaving through the chimney, and blending into the sky.The scene then shifts to that same haunted forest where Cadet Edgar Poe and his four companions from the US Military Academy stumble upon a scarecrow tied to a tree trunk that appears to be a horribly wounded man. This man is believed to have been injured badly and his guts are opened, which rouses Poe’s curiosity. As he approaches the half-dead man (Toms Treinis) and questions him, he utters his last words, saying that he is in that condition because of the Raven. Poe is eager to investigate, despite the reluctance of his companions, so he takes the body to Raven’s Hollow, a desolate and ruined town where a small population is holding a ritual among themselves

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